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Businesses going green to protect the environment

When we asked John Hardy from Green School Bali to nominate examples of innovative technologies that are making a positive environmental impact in Southeast Asia, he came up with two companies that he feels deserve some attention.

Plastic bottles

  1. Enviropallets (enviropallets.co.id) uses a process called thermofusion to convert 15kg of unwanted plastic bags into one reusable shipping pallet. The patented technology was invented by a New Zealand businessman and has a double benefit: it not only removes plastic from the natural environment, but it also decreases the demand for timber. The company operates a manufacturing plant in Bali.
  2. Vending machines that dispense cool drinks in aluminium cans and plastic bottles are no novelty, but what about a machine that dispenses a reward in return for depositing an empty bottle or can? Bali is one country where this new technology is being tested; people who deposit empty bottles receive vouchers in return for their good deeds. The automatic machines collected between 500 and 800 bottles in just one day during the pilot project run by Macau based-company AsiaPura.

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