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Styling tips for a tween girl’s bedroom

Shopping for children’s furniture in Singapore isn’t always easy, especially for young girls or almost teenagers. Your daughter has gone from a crib to a toddler bed to a regular-sized single in the blink of an eye. As she approaches double digits, you realize her princess-pink bedroom needs a makeover, but how do you create a more grownup feel when she’s still growing up herself? We talk to Stacy Skibsted, one of the three owners of Ni-Night, and kids’ furniture and bedroom specialist about the tricky in-between or “tweenage” years, and how to create a stylish girls’ bedroom that will last through this tumultuous time.

What is a tweenager?

Tweenagers are girls aged between 9 and 14. They’re too old for toys, but too young for boys. Tweens are trend and fashion obsessed and are easily influenced by their friends. Most are going through a phase of finding themselves as they no longer fit into any concrete age bracket. At this age, they tend to discover new music and movies and find themselves big fans of the latest “it” shows or bands. They look to fashion to set themselves apart from the crowd and love to accessorise with funky jewellery and accessories.

girl's bedroom
Finding the perfect bedroom for girls aged between 9 and 14

Ni-Night has just launched a new “tween” bed for girls. Why introduce something specifically for this age group?

Most retailers focus on younger children, late teens and young adults, leaving the tween market empty-handed. This is a great age to design beds for as they are now too old for their childhood beds but not quite ready for an adult-sized queen or king bed. Most want something funky and fashion forward, something that sets them apart from their peers. A tweenager wants their freedom and space, and this is another reason great to get their rooms looking cool and serving as their own private oasis.

girl's bedrrom
Freedom and space for your tweenager

What are your top tips for styling a tween bedroom?

  1. Stick to one large piece or key item

    Ideas and fads change all the time. Invest in one key item of furniture, such as a bedframe, and then you can mix, match and change it up from there.

  1. Steer clear of pink

    Most tweenagers want to move away from the traditional pink seen in many little girls’ rooms. Focus your efforts on new, trendy colours such as grey, aqua, orange and turquoise instead.

  1. Accessorise

    Add little lights or lamps to help your tween create the mood they want in their room. That way, they can set the lighting to suit their mood.

  1. Be positive

    Add large, printed, positive statements to the wall. This kind of wall art reminds them of how special they are, and how far their dreams can take them.

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