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Glitché: Making photos look bad

Instagram has enabled us, mere mortals, to take photos that have a little panache. All you have to do is point your mobile at almost anything, add an Instagram filter and before Eastwood can say, “Make my day,” you’re getting likes on Facebook and impressing friends with your photo skills.

Trouble is everyone’s doing the Instagram thang now so your photos aren’t nearly as honourable as they used to be. It could be time to download Glitché  (yep, it has one of those French accents on the e – that’s how cool it is). The app makes your photos look terrible. In fact this app makes a photo look soo bad, it’s cool (see what they did there).

Glitché distorts your photos by adding corrupted lines of pixels, pixilated areas and scrambles your image to produce what the Tate would happily call “digital art”. So stick that in your Instagram and Glitché it.

The best bit is the app is free to download so you won’t have to splurge on software that costs more than your handset.

Glitché was produced by Russian, interactive designer Vladimir Shreyder who is one of the country’s leading illustrators.

Looking for something a bit next level? Then try Hyperlapse. It’s a web based tool that lets you use Google Street View photos to create time lapse videos. Just select a starting and a finishing point on a Google Map and click create. Hyperlapse will then stitch together hundreds of street view photos to create a drive through video of your route.