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Get closer to nature at this exciting new exhibition

International research has shown that this generation of kids spend less time in nature and less time playing than their parents and grandparents. Yet the benefits of interaction with Mother Nature, and free-range play, are consistently trumpeted by experts worldwide as beneficial and key to social and physical development.

Music and movement are explored in this interactive exhibition 

The team at the Children’s Centre for Creativity, known simply as Playeum are well aware of this gap. Their second hands-on exhibition ‘Hideaways-Creating with Nature’ is focused exclusively on nature and encourages children to interact, explore and discover what nature has to offer.

outdoor kids activities 

Plastic is banished in favour of leaves, pods, ant farms, frog and bird calls, clay and bamboo. All tactile, natural materials that are heaven for kids and parents too. Don’t miss The Dark Space, a sound installation created by artist Richard Kearns where children can enjoy kinetic artwork and figure out how to create different frog and bird calls by tripping movement sensors.

The exhibition and accompanying programmes are specifically designed for children ages one to 12, visiting with their families or schools.

Visit the website to find information about the Hideaways – Creating with Nature exhibition, holiday camps, artist programs and other activities organised by the ward winning non-profit organisation.

Exhibition runs from 16 April until 30 October 2016

72 Malan Road, Gillman Barracks


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