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Gentleman’s Guide: Rock, Paper, Scissors

Win at rock, paper, scissors 

It’s all in the body language. Your opponent’s hand will tell you, a moment before they reveal their choice, which way they are going to go. This is because your opponent has already made his or her decision. So learn to watch the hand.

  1. If you see your opponent’s wrist start to tense and maybe even a slight whitening of their knuckles, they are about to throw a rock.

  2. Similarly if you notice the top of their fingers start to move slightly, they are about to throw scissors.

  3. If you see their fingers loosening and not holding a tight fist, they are about to throw paper.

  4. Bear in mind that tests have shown that 60 per cent of men will start with a rock. Because that’s what men are like; rocks, all of them.

  5. Similarly only 15 per cent of people (male or female) will start with paper. This is because when it comes down to it, nobody really gets how that one works. Smashing and cutting are fine, but smothering a non-breathing inanimate object with a piece of paper? Where’s the death in that? “Oooh,” said the rock, “I’m so scared.”