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Gentleman’s Guide: Order and drink whisky


Whether you’re post-boardroom schmoozing or in need of an alternative to beer, here’s a beginners guide to enjoying whisky.

  1. Forget all single malt scotch snobbery and sidle up to the bar feeling confident about choosing whisky.

  2. Talk to the barman and find out if he can recommend a particular bottle (and not just the most expensive one) or a popular choice.

  3. Order it and then request some ice and water in separate glasses

  4. Don’t put your face straight over the glass and take a big whiff, this will anaesthetise your senses. Keeping your mouth slightly open, take two small, short inhalations to take in the aromas.

  5. Take a small sip and roll it across your tongue. If the alcohol is too strong and uncomfortable try it with ice or a dash of cold water – some people find this releases the flavours and the burn is less noticeable

  6. Practice make perfect.