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Gentleman’s Guide: Job via Facebook


1. Find out the name of the person who looks after HR in the company you’d like to work for. Hunt them down on Facebook and see if you have any mutual friends or interests. Contact them through their work email address, treading lightly so you don’t look like a stalker but a social media savvy prospective employee.

2. Join Facebook interest groups in the industry and field you’re hoping to work in. Post to these groups regularly demonstrating your interest, knowledge and passion for the subject.

3. “Like” the companies you’re interested in working for. Some even have recruitment pages that are updated with the latest openings.

4. Create a Facebook ad campaign which links to your bio, website or LinkedIn account. It’s cheap, easy to set up and you can select the demographics of your target audience as well as cap the amount you spend starting from US$1 a day.

5. Keep your status updated with the role you’re looking for. This way your contacts will have you in mind if they hear anything.