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Gentleman’s Guide: How to pack a shirt


Never fret over a crumpled shirt again. Follow these six steps to pack your shirts so they won’t crease.

1. Iron out any wrinkles and use a spritz of starch to help the shirt maintain a crisp appearance. Ensure all buttons are fastened.

2. Lay the shirt with buttons facing down on a flat surface. Starting with the right side put a finger two inches from the collar and fold the right sleeve across the back of the shirt until the fold meets your finger. Make sure the body of the shirt is folded in a straight line.

3. Fold the sleeve back to the left so it fits neatly over the first fold. The cuffs should meet the bottom of the shirt.

4. Repeat steps two and three with the left side.

5. Place your folded trousers over the bottom half of the shirt. This will help both your trousers and the shirt to stay crease free.

6. Fold the top half of the shirt down over the trousers. 


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