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Gadgets in Singapore: Cameras and fitness gizmos we want

A treasure trove of gadgets we want (and need… actually, probably don’t need) this summer.


Jawbone UP24
With its motion sensors and medical-grade rubber casting, the UP24 is more than just a slick-looking bracelet – it’s your very own fitness friend. The slim, subtle wristband links up with your iPhone to help you keep track of what you need to be doing fitness-wise, and even sends you notifications on your phone if you happen to be slacking. Bullied by a bracelet; whatever next? $249



Pronounced “tink”, this new sensory device not only keeps track of your fitness, but it also lets you know how chilled out you are. By measuring variations in the rate of your heartbeat, respiratory function and blood oxygen levels, Tinké will help you decide whether you can kick back and enjoy a couple beers, or if you should hit up the gym (and then enjoy a couple of beers). $149




Nikon D330
A simple DSLR, yet capable of snapping stunning images. It’s also smaller than many other similar cameras. If you’re keen to take up photography, then this is the perfect “starter” camera. Just don’t waste it taking pictures of your cat to post on Facebook. $919 



Fujifilm X-T1
For the more experienced snapper, the X-T1 has all manner of settings, so you’ll be able to snap away confidently in any given situation. It’s a solid piece of kit, but not too heavy, so you won’t be laid up with a bad back after a day of shooting. (It’s also weather-proof, so you can take it with you when you go storm-chasing.) $2,499



Sony a77 II
The sports shooter’s dream camera. The a77 II can shoot up to 12 frames per second, has a built-in flash, a whole 11 customisable buttons and a solid, dust- and moisture-resistant magnesium alloy body to round off a fabulous package. We’re not going to get too techy, but trust us, this camera has got all the knicks and knacks needed to deliver that perfect shot – if you’re any good, that is. (Bad workmen blaming tools and all that.) $3,000