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Gadgets: Boys’ toys we want – from coffee machines to walkmans

A treasure trove of the geeky stuff we want…


Just looking at this contraption has us nodding off at our desks. Designed to optimise the quality of sleep, the Tranquility Pod uses pleasant sounds, gentle vibration, and soothing light to transport the body and mind to the ultimate state of relaxation. The clever shape blocks out 90 percent of exterior noise, and it’s also a waterbed. It’s basically the ultimate pick-up line; could any woman resist?


Coffee. A borderline necessity. Coffee machine? Very convenient. Nespresso Maestria machine? Perfect. Inspired by the meticulous preparation ritual of professional coffee-makers, the Maestria will make your mornings that much better. Capitalising on the authentic sight, sound and smell of your local café, this beauty allows us to recreate the perfect cup of coffee like a true barista.
$692 (starting price)


Need to get somewhere but it’s too far to walk, yet short enough to make driving or jumping in a cab a little embarrassing? The Patgear could be the perfect solution. Designed with the urban individual in mind, it’s perfectly suited to Singaporean conditions. It folds up easily and is compact enough for use whenever and wherever. Oh, it’s got an electric motor too.
$980 (starting price)


Powered by the sun (or your wall plug or computer), the mPowerpad is the Swiss army knife of chargers. With reading light, flashlight, SOS signal, radio and ultrasonic insect repellant, this has to be the most convenient charger in the world. It has the capacity to charge your iPhone up to eight times, all the while only weighing 500g. Perfect for your camping trip, music festivals, or even a day out on your bike.
$163 (starting price)


The RYNO is the new Segway, but even better. Here’s why. Firstly, it looks like a mini Ducati. Secondly, you don’t have to stand up to use it; there’s no pedalling involved either – you just lean forward to accelerate. Thirdly, it hits speeds of up to 16kph, enough to get you from A to B in the blink of an eye, without gaining a reputation as the
local speed demon.
$6,680.00 (starting price)


The latest in Sony’s PCM recorder series, this little cracker is quite simply the highest quality portable voice recorder you can get your hands on. With 32GB of internal memory, the possibilities are endless, and you can even edit recordings from the device itself. Perfect for interviews and field recordings, or just to remind us all how awful our voices sound when we hear them played back. (What is it with that?)


Anyone who was a kid in the 80s will remember the Sony Walkman. It really was the ultimate in cool – even if it did weigh as much as a couple of bricks in its earliest incarnations. The 21st-century version of the Walkman is packed with 132GB of memory and boasts incredible, recording-studio quality. And with its cool leather reel, it feels like a seriously high-end bit of kit.
$899 RRP