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Furniture and home décor with the wow factor

Is your interior home décor looking timid and tired? Then it’s time for a home styling pick-me-up. Padmaja Rajagopalan is the owner of Artful House, one of Singapore’s most eclectic furniture stores. She shares her secrets for adding some wow factor to your home. From how to choose statement pieces to simple accents that’ll make your furniture stand out from the crowd, read on for design inspiration to give your home a beautiful boost.

Reimagine Neutrals. Look to pastel shades to add subtle personality.
Reimagine Neutrals. Look to pastel shades to add subtle personality.

Embrace ‘The New Neutrals’

If you want neutrals in your home, don’t just look to black, beige and white. Meet the new neutrals at Artful House. Inviting grey, sandstone taupe, blush pink and pale blue – these pleasing hues are a great way to add some subtle personality without being overpowering.

home decor furniture
Surprising combinations are a great way to make an impact.

Mix and Match Furniture Styles

Standout homes don’t conform to any particular style, they effortlessly pair different genres. Why not add a contemporary twist to a wingback chair by pairing it with a cabinet made from antique window shutters?

home decor furniture
Use vintage pieces to create a talking point in any room.

Get the Conversation Going

There’s nothing like the element of surprise to take one’s breath away. Exquisite, repurposed items each have a unique story to tell. Make a statement with a hallway mirror fashioned from an antique window frame, or a console constructed from an erstwhile doorway arch.

home decor
Find a practical purpose for pieces you love and create a truly original look.

Be a Collector

If you come across an item you love, find a use for it and create a unique look for your home in the process. This antique bridal chest has a central panel that opens to reveal ample storage. You may no longer need to put a trousseau in it, but it can certainly be used as a one-of-a-kind bar, a sideboard for your china and crockery, a blanket box or more.

home decor
Colourful furniture adds character to your living space.

Use Accents to Add Personality

Colour schemes make a big difference. If you are not sure about adding colour to your walls to make an impact, accent pieces could be the solution. Introduce furniture-sized splashes of colour to instantly transform any room. This is also an ideal way for renters to inject colour and personality to their homes.

home decor couch
Choose original fabrics designs and let your upholstery speak for you.

Unusual Upholstery Sets You Apart

Funky textiles are great way to add colour to your interior. Focus on truly interesting fabrics, like our Asian-inspired Ikats and Chinoiseries. Unusual chair design adds yet another layer of interest — we love the lines of our new contemporary wingback chair. Pair it with one of our wide range of original fabrics for a definitive style statement.

At Artful House, we believe owners of standout homes have a true passion for aesthetics. We source and design furniture and accent pieces to inspire that passion and individuality. Explore our new collection of beautiful finds, and you’ll soon be ready to wow!

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