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Fresh off the boat: New expat Mark Carter on moving to Singapore

NAME: Mark Carter
AGE: 32
JOB: Nurse Manager (NUH)


When did you move to Singapore?
In February/March last year.

For a career adventure as well as a new life challenge.

Had you spent much time in Singapore before moving here permanently?
I’ve been here six or seven times on short holidays while travelling around Asia.

Where do you live? 
Pasir Pajang Road.

Why that area? 
It’s close to work, far enough away from the bustle, but also close enough to go and have fun.

Are you here with a partner or here alone? 
I’m here with my amazing and beautiful partner Allison.

How do you get to work?
BMW. (Bus, Walk, MRT!)

Do you get stuck into the local hawker food? 
I did initially because it was so damned tasty, but I started looking like a char siew bao, so now I only do it in moderation – except for the cheap coffee-shop beers from the uncles.

What’s your favourite dish? 
Dry ban mian with extra chilli; black carrot cake; chicken wings; sliced fish soup.

Said “lah” to anyone yet?
Yep, I say it a fair bit, more as a joke rather than anything else; not a massive fan of Singlish though.

What’s your favourite place for a night out? 
Boat Quay, Chinatown and Ann Siang Hill for good drinks and some nice music.

Favourite supermarket?
I usually go to Sheng Shiong, but I also go to Cold Storage for my luxury items, fresh fruit and vegetables.

Joined any clubs, teams, gyms or societies yet? 
I’m a member of ANZA (Australia and New Zealand Association) and I’ve joined their soccer and cycling groups.

What has been the biggest culture shock about moving to Asia? 
A shift in opinion; I used to be a tourist, but now I’m living here, which means understanding the true lifestyle of the country and its people.

Kampong Glam, Chinatown or Little India?
Any of them, so long as the drinks are cold and my friends are there! They all have their positives and negatives.