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Fresh off the boat: New expat Luke on moving to Singapore

NAME: Luke Townsend
AGE: 21
JOB: Recruitment Consultant

luke townsend

When did you move to Singapore?
May of this year.

I was keen to explore and live in Asia. Something I’ve always fancied.

What do you mean “always fancied”? You’re only 21 for crying out loud. So you were thinking about the potential in the Asian recruitment market when you were at primary school?
Now you’re just being silly. I thought EX was for discerning, intelligent readers?

Good point – we consider ourselves told off, young man. Had you spent much time in Singapore before moving here permanently?
I visited family member a few times and really enjoyed it. My brother’s out here; we work together.

People usually come out here to get away from their families… Where do you live?
East Coast. A small condo in Katong.

Why that area? Cheap rent with your brother?
How did you guess? To be fair, there’s lots of good food out here. I love the community and the amount of bars and shops on our doorstep. Regular busses into work as well.

Do you get stuck into the local hawker food?
Slowly but surely. I tried some basil chicken today; that was good.

What is your favourite dish?
That would have to be the Marmite chicken from Sin Hoi Soi over in Tiong Bahru.

You’ll either love it or hate it. Said “lah” at the end of a sentence yet?
Not yet, although I did call a taxi driver “Uncle” the other day, which was strange. Getting called an “ang moh” also takes some getting used to.

What’s your favourite place for a night out?
1-Altitude, without a doubt. Great views, good vibe.

Predictable, but we’ll forgive you as you’re a newbie. Joined any clubs or societies yet?
I play football for British Hotspurs in the Saturday Cosmo League, racing on a Sunday, and Tanah Merah in the middle of the week.

Fit boy. What has been the biggest culture shock about moving to Asia?
The amount of rice you eat. Ridiculous.

Arab Street, Chinatown or Little India?
I like all three, because when you visit them it’s like being a different country. I’ll go with Arab Street though.

Best thing about living in Singapore?
It’s easy to travel around the rest of Asia from here – a great travelling hub.

Where else have you travelled to since you got here?
Short breaks and golfing trips to Malaysia, Bintan, Bali and Phuket.

What do you miss most about home?
My mates, playing golf more frequently, and salt and vinegar crisps.

We think you may have forgotten something … or someone?
Oh yes, my girlfriend! Most of all, obviously.