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Fresh off the boat: Expat Elliot on moving to Singapore

NAME: Elliot Jackson
AGE: 23
JOB: Recruitment consultant

Elliot and his (manly) dog Dougal 

When did you move to Singapore?
January 3rd 2014.

Why? Anything interesting? Running away from a criminal gang? Undercover work for MI5?
Confidential I’m afraid. No, just lifestyle changes and work. The market is much better for what we do, and I always liked the idea of Asia.

Spent much time in Singapore before moving here?
Yes, my brother lived here. As soon as I came to visit him I knew I’d like to end up here one day.

Where do you live?

Not another member of the Novena Mafia… Why that area?
I like the idea of living away from the city, but not too far – you want somewhere that’s easy to get a cab after a big night out don’t you?

Fair enough. Are you here with a partner?
With my girlfriend Sarah, who is also in recruitment.

Do you get stuck into the local hawker food?
Yes indeed. Newton Circus’s number one customer! Mee Goreng is heaven, but also very, very bad for you.

Favourite supermarket?
Cold Storage, but this will change. Pricey or what?

What’s your favourite place for a night out?
I haven’t done much clubbing as yet, to be honest. I had a good night out down Clarke Quay, and also Club Street is pretty good. Not very groundbreaking I take it?

As original as the Bootleg Beatles. Joined any clubs or societies yet?
I play for a football team called TGA. I actually played a game for them years ago when I was visiting my brother.

Biggest culture shock about moving to Asia?
I miss the ‘luxuries’ of Stoke. Ever heard of oatcakes?

Yes, they’re about as pleasant as Liam Gallagher with a migraine. Called anyone ‘lah’ yet?
Not yet, but it’s just a matter of time, lah…

Good one, newbie. Best thing about living here?
The weather, the people are so friendly, and also finishing work at 6.30pm and it’s still light and 20 degrees plus.

Where have you travelled to since you got here?
Got a couple of trips planned, notably Bali – with 27 lads… Should be an interesting couple of days.

Sounds like carnage. What do you miss most about home?
My dog, Dougal!!! Legend.