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Moving fragile items? These guys won’t break them

Whether you’re moving across the island or to another country, you’ll want to be sure that your fragile items arrive safely and without a scratch. Items such as artwork, antiques, musical instruments and fine china require attention and care. Tap into the expertise of these four speciality moving companies in Singapore, who will even have your pets relocated without a fuss. Here, they share their expertise on what to look out for when moving special items.

Raffles Relocation & Mobility

Raffles Relocation movers - moving companies
Have Raffles Relocation help you on your next move

Settle quickly into your new home with Raffles Relocation & Mobility. Let them arrange storage, insurance and even debris removal.

Moving fine art:

  • Opt for storage in crates for added safety, particularly for larger and heavier pieces.
  • For framed artwork, opt for mirror packing boxes that offer room for more padding or floating crates (so the item does not touch the crate).
  • For unframed art, use hardboard for added padding and better protection.

Moving bulky items:

  • Use wax to polish product surfaces (particularly wood) prior to the move to prevent deep scratches and blemishes
  • Prevent large furniture items like wardrobes and cabinets from shifting around and falling over during the move by emptying them of their contents and dismantling as much as possible.


Raffles Relocation happy customer“The team did a fantastic job during our move from Singapore to India and Amsterdam. They were dedicated and courteous. They made sure that all the items were packed, shipped and delivered without damage. They packed and moved our expensive fine china and oil paintings which arrived without a scratch in our new home. There was good packing and quality control.”
– Bharti Ramesh


Raffles Relocation & Mobility
6 Kwong Min Road
6894 3720 | rafflesrelo.com


Allied Pickfords Singapore

Allied Pickfords mover and baby - moving companies
Have a fuss-free move with Allied Pickfords

Get your new home all ready with Allied Pickfords Singapore. Create a custom moving plan to suit your preferences.

Moving homeware:

  • Check for existing damage in silverware and crystal glassware that may weaken them during transit. Wrap them individually in acid-free tissue paper to prevent discolouration.
  • Glassware should be in a tube of corrugated cardboard and arranged upright in a box.
  • Ornaments should be packed surrounded by styrofoam chips with space for some movement.

Moving pets:

  • Consult a vet to see if your pet is able to make the move, particularly for older animals and breeds that do not travel well, such as pugs or bulldogs.
  • Consider quarantine requirements in your destination country, some may require quarantine periods of up to six months or more.


Allied Pickfords happy customer“Our journey with Allied Pickfords started in 2012; it was the first time we were relocating overseas. I was initially nervous about moving the art we had been collecting. They arranged for speciality boxes for these items to ensure they arrive safely. The unpacking in Singapore was amazing and not one item was lost or broken.”
– The Rogers Family



Allied Pickfords Singapore
10 Hoe Chiang Road
#06-01 Keppel Towers
6862 4700 | alliedpickfords.com.sg


Sir Move Services

Sir Move Services - moving companies
Get the help of Sir Move Services for your next move

Move with ease with the help of Sir Move Services. Even have a personal move organiser to help you out before and after the move.

Moving electronics:

  • The best option would be using the original box when packing. If not, improvise with one that is snug, but allows space for extra padding on the sides and bottom.
  • If repurposing an old box, ensure it is clean and dry.
  • Wires and cables tend to look alike so ensure you label everything well or take photos before disassembling to prevent confusion. Use tape or zip ties to keep cords from tangling.

Moving antiques:

  • Pack them in wooden crates with padding and purchase adequate insurance.
  • Remove contents to make them easier to transport. Pack loose components separately. Do not use packing tape directly on the delicate surfaces to prevent ruining them with sticky marks.


Sir Move Services happy customer“Sir Move moved my belongings from Singapore to Sri Lanka, some of which were family heirlooms and delicate items like antiques and electrical goods. Great care was taken to ensure that everything went well and they adapted to my change in plans”
– Tim Graham




Sir Move Services
#01-03, 10 Changi South Street 3
6534 7345 | sirmove.com


Asian Tigers Mobility

Asian Tigers Mobility - moving companies
Settle into your new home with ease with Asian Tigers Mobility

Complete your next move with Asian Tigers Mobility. Have them help you with packing, unpacking as well as cleaning.

Moving plants:

  • Moving plants internationally requires a special permit which most countries do not allow. Avoid moving them unless it is to a local address.
  • Avoid transporting plants in a vehicle for over five hours and ensure that the cabin temperature is kept cool. Keep the plants well ventilated and punch holes if they are in cartons.
  • If the plants are in ceramic pots, transfer them to plastic pots to prevent breakage.

Moving musical instruments:

  • Pack them in their original cases to protect and cushion them. Label them with directional stickers to prevent unnecessary damage.
  • If moving to a different country, give your instruments time to acclimatise, particularly for woodwind or string instruments. Have a professional tuner loosen and adjust the instruments before you resume playing them.

“The team was very efficient, fast and polite. They were very well-organised. They made sure all my belongings were well packed and handled them very carefully. I am satisfied with the service.” – Christian Alba

Asian Tigers Mobility (Singapore)
6261 8116 | asiantigers-mobility.com


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