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Four new gadgets and games you must own NOW

Time is creeping by …

The gift-giving season has begun, and in case you did want to give something a little freaky to your better half, you could always go with a spider-cum-table-clock-cum-wall-clock. The Arachnophobia is a hefty piece of horology (it’s 40cm across) by Geneva-based creative lab MB&F, and pays homage to the famous giant spider sculpture of artist Louise Bourgeois. Available in black or 18-carat gold, the mechanical animal is impeccably finished, with 218 components – including, of course, two hands … and eight legs.


We like this bit of its description the best: “The underside of the spider is the key (quite literally) to winding and setting Arachnophobia. The owner must interact with the clock in an intimate manner to wind and set the time of this precision instrument, thereby building a close relationship with it.”

If you’ve got a smidge of phobia yourself, good luck with that.

Go with the flow with the SoundLink II wireless headphones from Bose 

Strap on your ear-goggles

New from Bose are these SoundLink II around-ear wireless headphones, which are touted as delivering the best speaker quality of any similar product available on the market. Aside from how good your tunes will sound, when you take calls on SoundLink II, you don’t need your phone – just use the controls on the headphone’s ear-cup and Bluetooth will do the rest. The volume of your call will then change automatically based on speech level and changing environments, so you can move from a quiet building to a busy street without missing a word or fumbling for controls.

Battery life is a whopping 15 hours on a single charge, but if you’re in a rush or on the go, a quick 15-minute charge will give you two hours of play time through the included USB cable.

The headphones come in two colours, black and white, and are available for $399 through the Atlas e-store, Atlas showrooms and selected resellers island-wide.


Set your course for the Hoth System!

The upcoming latest instalment in the Star Wars film franchise is of course being accompanied by the launch of a new Star Wars game. In this case, it’s Star Wars Battlefront (without colon), which is a reboot of the Star Wars: Battlefront (with colon) series that started back in 2004. The game is out on 17 November (with free downloadable content coming in December), but a recent multiplayer beta version has already been tested by 9 million players. (For the record, those 9 million players clocked up 1.6 billion minutes of game time, which is enough to watch the original Star Wars trilogy over 4 million times …)

For a glimpse at the gameplay, check out the trailer. Four planets have been confirmed as locations – Hoth, Tatooine, Endor, and Sullust; happily, there will be nothing from the Clone Wars in the game, which means we can continue to block the three prequel films from our minds.

Despite expectations that Battlefront will shift a jaw-dropping 13-million units, it won’t be the only game hogging the headlines this month. Halo 5: Guardians and Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 have just hit the shelves.


Have a hack at this virtual reality Haka

Thanks to a cracker of a World Cup tournament in England, rugby has been on everyone’s lips lately. But even if you prefer the round-ball game to the pointy one, you’ll appreciate this bit of virtual reality eye-candy. It’s an innovative app called the Haka 360º Experience, launched by insurance company AIG, the major global sponsor of the mighty New Zealand All Blacks team.

Get in there with the Haka virtual reality player and channel your inner All Blacks 

The app brings you right up close to the famous Haka, the Māori dance/ritual that the All Blacks perform before the kick-off at all their international matches. If you’ve not seen the Haka, trust us when we say that’s a brutal enough experience just watching it on the telly. With the app, though, you’re right there in the midst of the blood-curdling cries and eye-popping facial expressions.

The best way to view the app is definitely through a headset/viewer, but if you can’t find one of the limited-edition sets that were released with the app, you can order a viewer here – or make one yourself using the supplied instructions.

Download the Haka 360˚ Experience for free via the App Store or Google Play.