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Four cool new gadget launches at CES

Wi-Fi lights Greenwave Reality 

Any tech geek worth their weight in megabytes has been at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas this past week. We’ve rounded up our pick of the most exciting gadgetry launches.


Wi-Fi Light Bulbs

The clever chaps at Greenwave Reality have popped a few Wi-Fi chips into light bulbs so you can remotely control your home’s lighting sans electrical work. Tap a smartphone to give your lights orders, or use the supplied remote control. Nifty, right? The light bulbs will be available in the US in the next few months.

(Via Time Tech)


Vuzix M100 smartglasses

You might not admit to it, but we’ve all had to dodge poles / buses / old ladies at the last-minute because we were hunched over our phones while checking our emails. Well, problem (and near-death) solved. Pop a pair of Vuzix’s Android-powered smartglasses on and you’ll have a dinky screen just to the side of your line of vision that’ll turn you into a walking-talking, email-checking, game-playing, photo-viewing, text-taking, well, geek. The launch date is still to be confirmed, and you’ll be looking at around USD$500 a pair – worth it if it means you can walk tall and avoid awkward run-in’s.  

(Via T3)


Curved OLED tellys

Flat TVs can be so harsh to decorate around, so your missus will be thrilled to learn that curvy tellys are on the way. Both Samsung and LG unveiled one – controversial – and the 5-degree curve is supposed to make viewing the 2D and 3D pictures that much more engaging. Sign us up!

(Via Stuff)


FitBit Flex

An activity tracker by day and a sleep tracker by night, the Bluetooth 4.0-toting wristband is a little bit of kit that we reckon we’ll all be strapping on soon enough. Data is relayed via LED lights, or you can sync the Flex to your mobile to make tracking your steps, calories burned and quality and duration of sleep a cinch. Pre-orders are being taken for USD$100.

(Via Gizmodo)