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Four anti-ageing treatments that don’t require surgery

Looking for anti-ageing solutions that don’t involve surgery? These non-surgical treatments effectively target deep expression lines, dark circles, sagging skin and gaunt cheeks so you can look younger without surgery.

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Liquid Face Lift

What it is:
A non-surgical facelift that uses specific injection techniques that focus on lifting and contouring. It involves the use of dermal fillers, usually in combination with Botox. Each of these dermal fillers has unique attributes that work in their own special way to contour specific areas of the face. In general, dermal fillers replace lost volume in the face or help the body regenerate its own collagen.

What it does: Precisely placed, the dermal fillers can be used to lift or contour any number of facial features like nasolabial folds, tired-looking eyes and hollow temples, to name a few. Another benefit of this treatment is that you’re likely to be left with fewer wrinkles, creases or folds. They restore the natural contours of the face, giving it a younger, more relaxed look.

Available at: Dr Valentin Low Aesthetic and Laser Clinic, #08-03 Paragon Medical Suites. Call 6720 3323 for an appointment or visit drvalentin.com.sg for more information.


Facial Thread Lift Combined with Dermal Fillers

What it is:
The 30-minute facial thread lift is a minimally invasive procedure that combines lifting and re-generating effects to gently boost sagging facial skin while stimulating collagen production. Dermal fillers, on the other hand, are injectable gels used to restore the skin’s elasticity. Together they deal with lines and sagging skin, resulting in a smoother, more rested and rejuvenated look.

What it does: Ageing skin is characterised by loss of volume that leads to sagging skin, deep laugh lines, sunken cheeks, dark circles and overall drooping. This combination of thread lift and dermal filler provides an instant lift with a gradual and natural regenerative effect. This effect is further supplemented by the restoration of lost volume to achieve an overall youthful, natural and refreshed appearance. Say goodbye to jowling, sagging cheeks, laugh lines and drooping brows.

Available at: Cutis Medical Laser Clinics, #08-07 Scotts Medical Centre. Call 6801 4000 for an appointment or visit cutislaserclinics.com.

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Look younger naturally without going under the knife


CACI Luxury

What it is:
This non-surgical facelift combines micro-current technology and Capacitive Radio Frequency (CRF) for the ultimate restorative results. The micro-current delivers tiny electrical impulses that mimic the body’s natural bioelectrical field, while the CRF penetrates the deeper layers of the skin to increase production of collagen.

What it does: The micro-current increases blood and lymphatic circulation, which helps instantly brighten your complexion. Thanks to the increased production of collagen and elastin due to the treatment, fine lines are reduced and the skin takes on a plumper, younger look, with an improved skin barrier. It also helps enhance the penetration of active ingredients in your skin care. No wonder celebrities including Jennifer Lopez, Madonna and Courtney Cox are fans.

Available at: SWUK Aesthetics, #02-25 Alexandra Central. Call 6250 1326 for an appointment or visit swukaesthetics.com for more information.

Silhouette Soft

What it is:
This 20-minute procedure done under local anaesthesia uses a micro-needle to thread soft threads through the skin. These bio-absorbable and biochemically neutral threads are anchored into the tissue using special cone technology – this removes any risk of them snapping. Best for those who wish to tackle sagging skin at the brow, the mid-face, the jowl area and the neck, without any worries about incisions or scarring.

What it does: The Silhouette soft treatment has a dual effect: firstly, the targeted area is immediately and noticeably lifted and re-contoured; and secondly it boosts collagen production in the following months to keep the skin firm and taut. Over time, the threads restore volume to the face by helping regenerate tissue. The overall effect: a naturally younger visage that doesn’t look like it’s had work done.

Available at: Dr Yvonne Goh Aesthetics, #09-05 Camden Medical Centre. Call 6462 2559 for an appointment or visit dryvonnegoh.com for more information.


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