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Fountain of youth, sorted! Win an aesthetic, whole-body makeover at Indulgence for the Modern Woman

We know who you are.  You arrived on Singapore’s sunny shores with a profound “what the…?” once your hair and skin decided to misbehave when subjected to the harsh heat and humidity.  You discovered yourself piling on the same sunscreen you used for one month out of the year back at home, only to find it failing miserably against the sheer force of our equatorial sun.  What if we were to tell you there’s no need to wish upon that ageing portrait in your attic to stay forever young? There is a proven way to retain your glow and radiance despite the drastic change in your environment.

This is where AesCure clinic comes in.

Read on for your chance to win a total skin and body makeover.

We recently connected with Dr Malini Munisamy, joint owner and Medical Director of AesCure Medical & Aesthetic Clinic, to chat about the fountain of youth reality of physical and aesthetic beauty. Yes, “forever young” is within reach.

Let’s face it, nothing leaves you more stressed out than the inability to look and feel your best. AesCure’s philosophy for women’s skin health stems from a holistic approach to help correct past skin damage, while simultaneously promoting the skin’s own ability to continue repairing and strengthening itself against free radicals, pollution, sun damage and the natural ageing process.

It was after her own firsthand suffering from IPL burns and subsequent hyperpigmentation that led Dr Malini toward a personal search to step into confidence.

And so, the non-invasive and non-ablative aesthetic science at AesCure was born.

Eternal radiance found with Dr Malini of AesCure
Eternal radiance found with Dr Malini of AesCure


“Beautiful skin starts with loving one’s self, “ says Dr Malini. “This translates to good nutrition, hygiene, skin-care regime and healthy lifestyle. Clear, healthy, and more youthful skin can help to boost confidence and build self-esteem.”

So, how does AesCure help you to turn back the clock?

Don’t consider it a race to beat the clock. Instead, embrace the clock. The available aesthetic technologies at AesCure have been found to be the most effective in the fight against ageing, photodamage and pigmentation.  With little or no downtime, we can all have the smooth, tight, firm and overall fresh skin seen on those lovely little nymphs who have just barely earned the legal right to order a cocktail.

What skin and body therapies should you consider?

If you’re like a lot of us, you’re in it to win it when it comes to your commitment to achieve luminous skin. Thankfully, at AesCure, there are aesthetic treatments for all skin types. Here are just a few.

The fountain of youth: Sciton Forever Young BBL

Imagine all of those Facebook photos you’ve been tagged in remain unchanged, year after year. When it comes to the grand daddy of all IPL treatments, the advanced light therapy of Forever Young BBL actually reverses the ageing process.  A Stanford University case study on the effectiveness of BBL proved that the ageing RNA expression of skin cells was halted with consistent maintenance of BBL treatments over a period of years. This photo-facial IPL treatment increases the skin’s elasticity, reversing sun damage and remodeling collagen to create an even distribution along the face, especially in those areas that tend to sag with age.

Erase away scars and pigmentation with Revlite Laser Skin Rejuvenation

For an ultimate anti-ageing tool that clarifies skin melanin/pigmentation issues, there’s Revlite Laser Skin Rejuvenation.  A non-ablative, dual-wavelength laser technology using PhotoAcoustic energy, Revlite can penetrate deep into dermal layers to rejuvenate the skin in both light- and dark-skinned clients.


Afternoon delight: forget Movember and get rid of that ‘stache while firming and toning skin during your lunchtime, stat!

This is no time to look like you’re part of the ‘80s police squad.  Omnilux LED Light Therapy penetrates deeper into the skin’s tissue by use of three different LED light treatments i.e. red, blue and white.  It’s quick and easy, making blemishes and facial lines and wrinkles disappear faster than that boozy lunch you originally had scheduled in your diary.

Indulgence for the Modern Woman: your chance to win a complimentary total face and body makeover

No need to book your consultation straight away – AesCure will bring it all to you. Indulgence For The Modern Woman, a unique event inspired and driven by women for women, features a one-stop women’s beauty showcase brought to you by AesCure Medical & Aesthetic Clinic. Secure your ticket to reap these goodies:

  • Health and Skin Care Presentation by Dr Malini Munisamy
  • Live skin treatment demonstration
  • High tea buffet and free flow cocktails
  • Fitness demonstration and talk
  • Make up techniques and demonstration
  • Fashion showcase featuring Hemant Trivedi including fashion jewellery by Mrs Colleen Francisca -Mason (Miss Singapore World 2006 and Owner of Francisca Dessert Parlour)
  • Booth Activities – Get your on the spot pampering session and a variety of products and services beneficial to women
  • Lucky Draw
  • Goody bag with items/freebies from event partners
  • Make over unveiling

It’s a sweet deal, indeed!  Upon purchase of your ticket to Indulgence For The Modern Woman, enter your interest to participate in a month long total face and body makeover by AesCure and Active Life Gym, valued at $5000, and show off a brand new you at the event!

Sign me up!

Indulgence For The Modern Woman
Sunday, 28 September 2014, 2 – 5pm
Tickets: $70
PARKROYAL Kitchener Road
181 Kitchener Rd, (S) 208533
6428 3000 | parkroyalhotels.com/KitchenerRoad

Hosted by:
AesCure Medical & Aesthetic Clinic
72 Amoy Street, (S) 069891
6220 5969 | aescure.com

AesCure Medical & Aesthetic proudly participate in the Women’s Gynaecological Cancer Awareness Campaign 2014, helping women beat reproductive cancers. PRs and Singapore citizens are eligible for a free PAP smear screening at AesCure until September 30, 2014.

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