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For sale: Space Shuttle Launch Pad

By: Emily Cornelius

NASA sells space shuttle launch pad 

In dire need of space equipment? Well NASA has you covered. The Kennedy Space Centre in Cape Can is selling off NASA space facilities they can no longer afford to maintain. The extensive list of equipment includes the launch/landing strip for many of the Apollo missions, a launch-control centre and a range of enormous hangars, known as orbiter processing facilities.

Bidding has already started and NASA has vowed to keep the process private, but demand is high with airline manufacturer Boeing already getting its hands on an old shuttle hanger, apparently keen to build their own space shuttle. Virgin Galactic has been taking deposits for space trips since 2005 and could well be in the market for a launch-control centre. 

NASA hopes that the sales will provide a much needed boost to space exploration.  The Kennedy Space Centre explains, ‘Our new mission will be to enable both government and commercial space providers with facilities, experienced workforce and the knowledge necessary to support existing mission sets and new space programs’.

It seems building your own spaceship may no longer be just a childhood dream.