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Foodie Heaven: A New Farmers’ Market at Loewen Gardens


Is there such a thing as a Farmers’ Market in Singapore?

If there wasn’t before, there is now! Never one to sit back on her heels, Chef Jane of The Pantry at Loewen Gardens has some big plans. Feeling homesick for a community atmosphere and the excitement of shopping for a variety of produce from sources outside the mainstream, Jane has come up with the idea of holding a Farmers’ Market on the first Saturday of each month.

The Market is already taking shape with two importers of organic vegetables, three wine importers, a meat supplier, a cheese-and-deli supplier, an organic bread producer and an egg supplier. All you have to do is come armed with a bag (or several bags).

That’s not all. Tables will be available for “home cooks”, too. So, if you make jams or chutneys, or something a bit different like yummy gluten-free cakes, then this is the place for you.

“We aim to create a food hub,” says Jane, “where customers can shop, enjoy great products, eat and learn more about the things they and their families consume.

“The Pantry will be running cooking demonstrations from its classroom throughout the morning. The wine suppliers will be giving wine talks and making recommendations to suit everyone’s palate and price range. There’ll even be a paella, cooked in a massive pan in the traditional way. In another area, great sausages will be sizzling on the barbecue. I just want the Farmers’ Market to be a celebration of food.”

Jane plans to develop the concept further by setting aside a special section for artisans. “This is an obvious progression,” she says. “The idea of having artists and artisans who craft their own work sits perfectly alongside organic produce and adds real depth and variety to the concept.  And the really exciting thing is that no two months will ever be the same, thanks to variations due to the seasonal nature of organic produce and even the whims of the various contributors.”

There’s an added bonus for Jane herself. “We at The Pantry can’t wait for the first market – especially as we will then get to cook with the products. Life is sweet!”
Sweet, indeed. Put the date in your diary.