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Five simple and fun toy storage solutions

As every parent out there knows, kids come with stuff. Lots of stuff. Toys, books, clothes, building blocks, you name it, they’ve got it, and it gets everywhere. Containing the chaos of your child’s room is an art that requires the patience of a saint and the organisation skills of an army general, and, of course, the right tools to do the job.

We take a look at some beautifully designed, simple storage solutions, available from Piccolo House, to help get your kid’s bedroom ship-shape in no time:

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Below Bed Storage
Kick out the monsters from under the bed and put in a trundle instead. A large, easily accessible drawer that doesn’t take up any extra floor space, a trundle can be used with normal drawer organizers or storage bags for keeping everything from soft toys to clothing and bedding out of the way. Another clever use is as a rollaway place for space taking playthings (like train sets) that otherwise have to be dismantled and rebuilt every time. Plus, when your child is old enough for sleepovers, you can buy a mattress and have an extra bed, ready to go!

This sturdy trundle is fitted with six heavy duty rolling casters that make it easy for kids to move the trundle by themselves ($369).

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Storage Stairs
Got bunk beds? Stairs are the safest way to go up top but they take up more space than a ladder. Why not make them work double-time as storage? These nifty storage steps ($700) have drawers built in, giving you peace of mind that your kids are clambering up and down some sturdy stairs with the added bonus of four extra, good-sized drawers. So your kids can now step up, and tidy up!

toy storage ideas, kids bedroom furniture

Stylish Shelves
Shelving units not only save on floor space, they can look great too. Stacked with beautiful books, decoration and toys, shelves are a great to keep things organized but in view. Free standing shelves have the added benefit of being movable, but wall-fixed shelves make use of higher spaces and empty walls. They’re also a great place to keep delicate or decorative items away from little hands.

The kid-sized birch wood and white shelves from the Great Little Trading Company’s (GLTC) Clifton range are a stylish addition to any kid’s bedroom. Children may not like tidying up but they do love sorting. Enlist their help to put things away in the Clifton Toy Organiser’s box shelves (S$380), or on the ledges of the bookshelves ($280) and they’ll soon discover everything has a special place!

toy storage ideas, kids bedroom furniture

Storage Stools
Storage stools are another cute and practical way to maximise space. A handy place to stash toys and clutter, these sturdy boxes double up as a place to perch. They come in all kinds of designs but we love Miss Cat and Mr Bear ($115). Their fun design and painted finish in neutral, pastel shades give them all-round appeal, plus the cut out handles in both the base and the lid make them easy to manoeuvre.

toy storage ideas, kids bedroom furniture

Colourful Tubs
Storage tubs are a godsend for all the odd-sized bits and bobs that haven’t found a happy home elsewhere. These colourful canvas storage tubs ($59) come in several different patterns and are perfect for a quick fix tidy up. Deceptively large and sturdy, they have a flexible frame and a waterproof liner plus side handles for easy carrying.

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Okay, now their room is clean it’s time to entertain the kids.