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Five male celebrities with great hair you wish you could pull off

These celebrity fellas have the advantage of professional hair stylists that cost up to $200 a go and know exactly what cuts will look cool, without looking the slightest bit daft. You probably don’t. But take a look at these guys, decide who you’re most similar to (yeah, you wish, we know) and show your normal chap a few Google images next time you get a ‘do. Tip: Need to find a decent stylist too? See the best cutters in Singapore according to yours truly here.

David Beckham
David has had all sorts of questionable haircuts, from blond dreadlocks to a skinhead. Becks now sports a very sharp looking undercut – super short at the sides, with the longer hair being slicked back in the middle. Very elegant, although danger of being curtains without enough product. Oh, and nice wife.


Leonardo DiCaprio
When has this guy’s hair not looked good? Or different, for that matter? From the early 90’s, in the film Growing Pains, ’til now in The Wolf Of Wall Street, his hair has looked good in everything and anything. Long, parted and swept across with plenty of wax (try not to move, for fear of rat-tails effect) We wonder if that’s part of his contract: No dickish hair.


George Clooney
This is what you’re hoping you’ll look like when your hair goes grey. Good luck with that. Clooney has a simple, yet extremely suave look going on. Short, styled and lightly gelled. Your wife loves him almost as much as you do.


Ryan Gosling
Pulling off Ryan’s lightly gelled (hair sprayed?) blonde locks, coiffed slightly to the side as if by happy accident, must be pulled off with a smirk. You’ll be judged otherwise.


Andrew Garfield
We’re pretty sure Peter Parker is supposed to look more nerdy than this. The scruffy style is very much in, but don’t make the mistake of thinking this is easier than the others. This bad boy needs a blow dry in the morning, and frequent mussing (pulled off as casually as possible, like a pretend CK model or something).