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Fitness 101: Your favourite ways to keep fit in Singapore!

In Singapore, you can break into a sweat just by walking to the letterbox, but if you’re really keen to release those toxins and work on your fitness, this city offers endless options. We spoke with some healthy Expat Living readers about their favourites.


Body Temple Lifestyle Consulting

Outlets in Loewen Gardens and Clarke Quay

9100 8714 | www.bodytemple.com.sg

I started at Body Temple in August 2010. I first noticed their Loewen Gardens premises when I would meet friends there for cake (!). I wanted to lose weight and improve my fitness.

I attend a personal training session twice a week with Teresa Soh, where we focus on core strength work. Teresa varies our training sessions to keep them interesting, and we always have a good chat and a laugh as we work out.

Since joining Body Temple, I have lost 13kg and my fitness has improved out of sight. I’ve competed in triathlons and I’m doing a half marathon in October – this would never have happened without Body Temple!

I would recommend Body Temple to others because Karine, Teresa and the rest of the team are so supportive, friendly and motivating that they make working out fun. I’m living proof that it works!

Impakt Singapore

146 Robinson Road #01-01

6221 2014 | www.impakt.com.sg

I have been working out with personal trainers at regular gyms for about three years now. I’ve always included boxing or kickboxing in the last 15 minutes of my sessions; recently, I decided to focus my workout purely on this aspect. In July I had a trial session with Eric at Impakt Singapore Academy of Mixed Martial Arts and loved it.

I now do four sessions a week. Eric focuses completely on me, on my development and on what I need to improve. He’s an excellent trainer with real competition experience, having fought in the French boxing championship in 2003 and the African kickboxing karate final in 2002.

Even at this early stage, I see a huge improvement in my legwork: I move around more freely. Previously, I sort of just stood there, punching. I’m still not Muhammad Ali – but give me some time and I will be dancing while punching and kicking!

The quality of Eric’s PT sessions is amazing. He will get the best out of you, and do it all with a sense of humour. A year ago, I ruptured my ACL (anterior cruciate ligament). Eric is helping me with dedicated exercises to strengthen my knee – he’s also certified with the National Academy of Sports Medicine.

To cap it all, Impakt also has very good shower room facilities – very important to me. Impakt is a true gem.


Physique 360

26A Greenwood Ave

6836 1300 | www.physique360.com

I gave birth in 2006 and gained weight both during and after the pregnancy. I didn’t exercise for a year, so my fitness levels dropped significantly. I also have hypothyroidism, which makes it harder for me to manage my weight. So I started going to Physique 360, and I haven’t looked back.

In my busy daily schedule, each one-hour session is a bit like meditation for me. Each class is different and uses various pieces of equipment, focusing on different parts of the body. Both of the instructors, Caroline and Daryl, are professional and have very pleasant personalities. My medical condition and fitness levels have improved tremendously, along with my strength and physique. My core muscles have strengthened, too.

Recently, my trainers and I decided to set aside a few months to diligently work on my health and weight issues. As a result of three weekly personal training sessions with Caroline and Daryl, plus three high-intensity cardio workouts on my own, proper supplementation and a diet plan, I have lost 6kg and 24 inches in seven weeks. I have also been able to maintain my internal body fat and cholesterol level and build up my immune system.

The trainers at Physique 360 listen to you and your body, so it’s very suitable for people who have physical issues such as back or knee injuries. They make you look forward to something different at each session.


Rhythmic Fitness

35 Rochester Drive

#03-10 Rochester Mall

6570 5006 | www.rhythmicfitness-studio.com

I started using this company about three years ago, because we had some lessons at school and I liked what I saw. I wanted to learn more about belly dancing – I love the music, the moves and the clothes.

I attend a class once a week for one to two hours. Classes are fun and lively, and I especially like to work with our teacher, Soheila. She always pays such good attention to us in class and helps us a lot. She is very encouraging, and it’s a lot of fun. We have done some great shows, including one for the President of Singapore.

I have learnt a lot of new steps and dance routines since going to Rhythmic Fitness. Although I am a junior at school, I sometimes dance with the seniors, thanks to Soheila.

I would recommend Rhythmic Fitness because it’s great fun and easy to do if you love to dance – no matter what age you are. There are many adults who do it, too. It’s a great way to move and stay in shape.

The Tennis Club Singapore

200 Turf City #01-63

6466 2643 | www.thetennisclub.com.sg

Pearl (5) has been having lessons at The Tennis Club, formerly Advantage School of Tennis, for a couple of years now and loves her weekly lessons.

We originally chose The Tennis Club because of its convenient location in Turf City and the great air-conditioned indoor space. We’ve since discovered that their coaches are outstanding, and Shah is particularly skilled at coaching the young ones. Pearl is learning forehands, backhands and volleys; she can even apply spin and loves to hit the ball as hard as she can. We hope subtlety will come with age and experience!

The two full-sized outdoor courts mean that children can progress seamlessly as their skills improve, and adults can play here, too. There are a variety of lessons on offer, from toddler to adult and group to private, and even special cardio training options for the more dedicated.

Pearl’s progress finally inspired my husband and me to take a few lessons ourselves. The ladies’ group sessions are social yet quite intense – there’s no slacking. Even in a group situation, the coaches can identify and work on each individual’s development.

In all, we are grateful to have found this professional outfit and would recommend them for budding tennis players and improvers alike.

Iyengar Yoga Centre Singapore

146B Neil Road

6220 4048 | www.iyengaryogasingapore.com

Shortly after arriving in Singapore eight months ago, I was lucky to find the Iyengar Yoga Centre after an online search; I’ve been routinely attending classes since then.

I chose the studio for a number of reasons. First, it was exciting to see the web page showing the school’s founder and director, Riana Singgih, interacting personally with the founder of Iyengar yoga, Guruji B.K.S. Iyengar; it showed the authenticity of the school and its close connection to the true practice. I also liked the location in Chinatown. And Rebecca at reception was very welcoming, and helpful in explaining how the school works.

I currently take classes twice a week; one class at Level One and another at Level Two. I intend to increase this number soon.

What I enjoy most about the classes is gaining rewards for my efforts – yoga makes you feel truly energised, and having good teachers ensures this experience. Also, the environment at the studio is very good, as there is a great cultural mix of students doing yoga in a lovely old shophouse.

Through yoga, my body feels stronger. I feel my flexibility improving, which somehow seems to work similarly on the mind – this can only be a good thing!

I would recommend this company to others because the teachers, as well as being friendly and fun, provide excellent instruction in a disciplined and supportive manner that gives you the confidence to work hard without fear of injury.


Verita Advanced Wellness

308 Tanglin Road, Phoenix Park

6737 2377 | www.veritaadvancedwellness.com

I started classes Pilates classes at Verita six months after my second daughter was born, to help strengthen my core and to improve my posture. I was looking for a really reputable studio with excellent trainers, and Verita had a very good reputation for great trainers and good one-to-one service.

I try to make it twice a week and have done both private and group classes. Every session is different and always very challenging, so you feel like you are getting a workout that is really doing something beneficial for your body.

The biggest changes have been a stronger back and core, better posture and no more back pain!

I would recommend Verita because they really take the time to examine individual needs and then tailor the session every time to address them. Every session is worthwhile and you can feel the benefit.


J H Kim Taekwondo Institute

9 Raffles Boulevard

#02-26/27/28 Millenia Walk

6299 0495 | www.tkd-singapore.com

 I started practising taekwondo in Germany in 2003, and immediately looked for a new club when I arrived in Singapore in 2005.

I found out about J H Kim Taekwondo online. After a warm welcome at the headquarters (which was then located at Bugis), I took a free trial class. I was impressed by the technical skills of the principal, Santos Rivas, as well as by the number of excellent Korean instructors, who all proved a source of inspiration and motivation.

Additional facilities at the club, such as heavy bags, are also a great way to warm up before a class. All of J H Kim’s branches are conveniently located and are also very nicely designed, which makes training more fun. As an expat who frequently travels, I also find it practical to be able to freeze my membership while I’m away from Singapore. The great atmosphere among J H Kim’s trainers and students is another of the reasons for having stayed with the club for over six years now.

Taekwondo is a fantastic sport for staying fit and improving flexibility and coordination. The wide range of classes offered at J H Kim makes a very comprehensive workout possible. Personally, I alternate between traditional and Taegeuk pattern classes, sparring and special kicks classes, and usually train three to four times a week.

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