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Just landed? Meet Your New Bestie at a Social Club

Joining a social club is a popular way for people to settle in and meet new friends. These Expat Living readers tell us which club they joined, and why.

Hollandse Club

Members: Terri-Anne Leske, Eli and Olivia (4) and Hallie (2)
From: Australia
Time in Singapore: Five years

Hollandse Club Singapore Expat family
Terri-Anne Leske and family

“We were looking for a place where the kids could do a lot of their activities and we could spend time as a family. The twins are very active, and our weekends were often spent sitting outside different sports venues and transporting them back and forth.

We live in a house and although we do have a pool, it isn’t huge – so it’s nice to have the club facilities for a change of scenery. It’s also the closest one to our house, and we really love the relaxed vibe. It’s fantastic that the kids can do all of their activities and I can get a workout in while they’re busy, or do some work on my laptop. I feel so much more productive with my time now when the kids are busy with their sports.

It’s also great for those family days over the weekend where you have nothing planned and want to get out of the house; the club has a laid-back feel and the kids have made some lovely friends there.

The twins do tennis lessons, Hallie does swimming lessons, Olivia does ballet, we all use the pool, and hubby and I use the gym. The kids enjoy having a fresh coconut in the restaurant after sports or swimming! The club has a friendly family vibe, and we have recommended it to quite a few people who have also joined up. We’re so glad we joined – it’s made life so much easier.”

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22 Camden Park
6464 5225 | hollandseclub.org.sg


The British Club

Members: Nicky Sparshott, Keira (11) and Lachlan (8)
From: Australia
Time in Singapore: Seven years

The British Club Singapore expat
Nicky Sparshott

“We wanted an antidote to the urban bustle of everyday Singapore life – a place where we could meet others, where the kids could have some freedom to play, and a community too. We looked at a number of different clubs but really loved the feel of the British Club, tucked away in the hills; and we felt immediately welcome. Also, my husband is Scottish, so this was a natural choice for some traditional pub food!

We have experienced the Club’s vast array of activities as our children have grown and their needs and interests have changed. The swimming classes have been outstanding, and under the watchful eye of the teachers our children have become strong swimmers.

When the kids were younger, we spent many a weekend doing craft or cooking classes, and now we find ourselves enjoying more time hanging out at the pool, both as a family and with friends. Visitors from abroad love coming here too. Recently, we ran a small Christmas stall at the British Christmas Fair, which turned into a real family affair and was very enjoyable. For us, the Club is relaxing, casual and our little sanctuary in the hills. We recommend it wholeheartedly.”

73 Bukit Tinggi Road
6467 4311 | britishclub.org.sg


The American Club

Members: Scott Ryan Jackson and Tara Noren Jackson, their children Ryan(10) and Brody (8)
From: America
Time in Singapore: 5.5 years

American Club Singapore expat
Tara Noren Jackson

“One of my good friends is a member, and it was on their recommendation that we checked out the The American Club. As soon as we saw the facilities – and how much she used the club – it was a no brainer for us to join.

The children have taken classes including tennis, taekwondo and swim lessons – not only were the classes wonderful value, it was great to have them all under the same roof. I take tennis lessons and belong to an American Club tennis team, and my husband uses the gym a few times a week.

We also regularly take advantage of the dining options – the food is delicious and great value. We can get any type of food, from Western to Asian, in a family friendly setting, or the two of us can enjoy the fine dining at The 2nd Floor restaurant.

The staff at the club are amazing! Many have been there for years, and their loyalty and commitment to the club is obvious in everything they do. It makes for a wonderful family atmosphere.

I would recommend the The American Club because it has something for everyone: a new pool (opening by the end of 2017/early 2018), fitness facilities, a spa, wonderful food, adult areas, and a kids’ zone where your children can have fun and be safe while you get a break. It’s a home away from home and a wonderful place to spend time!”

10 Claymore Hill
6737 3411 | amclub.org.sg


The Tanglin Club

Members: George and Jill Creighton, their son Glen, daughter-in-law Gale, and grandchild Chantelle
Time in Singapore: Over 60 years

Tanglin Club Singapore Expat family
George and Jill Creighton and their son Glen’s family

One of Singapore’s oldest social clubs, The Tanglin Club is located in Stevens Road, on the land purchased in 1865 by the founders, or “forty good men”, with the intention of establishing a suburban social club. That original membership of 40 men now numbers 4,000 members, and with some 40 nationalities it is truly international.

Just over 150 years later, the Club remains a sanctuary for relaxation and leisure, retaining all the grace and charm of the old days, but now also offering every modern convenience imaginable plus a range of sports and recreation activities, eight dining choices and onsite accommodation. It’s rare to find three generations of one family being members of the same club, so we asked each what makes Tanglin “home” for them:

George (speaking) and Jill Creighton:

“We treasure the wonderful friendships forged at the Club over time, some of which have lasted for over 50 years. We go a long way back. Jill was a junior lady member in 1948 as her parents had been members since 1947. We married and in 1954 joined the Club together and have been members ever since. In the early days, we loved the New Year’s Eve fancy dress parties. They were fun times, full of laughter and dancing. Nowadays we love to use the library and reading room, and take lunch in the Tea Room or supper in the Tavern with friends. Until very recently, Jill used to do aqua and low-impact aerobics. We can honestly say that all the staff are wonderful; they are fantastic and look after us very well.”

Glen Creighton:

“I’ve been a member since 1954 and the Club holds many childhood memories for me, including racing in swimming galas, children’s parties, and frequent visits to the Tuck Shop at the old clubhouse! I’m a keen squash player and consider myself very fortunate to enjoy what are probably the best squash facilities in Singapore. We have six singles courts and two double courts, and a very active Squash Section where I have made great friendships, as well as keeping fit. My wife Gale and I also enjoy membership of the Balut Section (dice game). We regularly play in internal and external tournaments, organised by the Club. Our greatest pleasure though is the camaraderie generated among the members and the wonderful social interaction. We feel privileged to be members of this special Club and are very proud of our long association.”

Chantelle Creighton:

“I like coming to the Club for the food and beverages. I love going for a swim with my friends, then to my favourite restaurant The Wheelhouse for their delicious chicken rice.”

The Tanglin Club has reciprocal arrangements with 135 other clubs worldwide. Term Membership is open to expatriates in Singapore on employment contracts. TheClub offers tours of the facilities for those interested in membership. For an appointment, contact the ClubRelationshipManager, Zaini Rahamat, at membership@ tanglin-club.org.sg

5 Stevens Road
6622 0555 | membership@tanglin-club.org.sgtanglinclub.org.sg


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