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Feng Shui: Tips on how to create an auspicious, positive and healthy environment

By: Lucy Richardson, Feng Shui Focus

You have probably heard about Feng Shui – but do you really know what it can do for you? Feng Shui is about creating a positive environment that supports every single person in your household. Learn tips on how to transform your space into an auspicious place with the experiences of these three families.

Case Study 1:  The Importance of Recognition Luck

Family L were one of my first clients. They had bought the terraced house a couple of years earlier and things had generally been going well.

BEFORE: Family L's blue South wall disturbed the Feng Shui balance
BEFORE: Family L’s blue South wall disturbed the Feng Shui balance

The situation:

  • The couple were generally curious about Feng Shui.
  • They were considering undertaking some renovations, including relocating the kitchen, and were concerned how this might affect the Feng Shui of the house.
  • Mr L had just been offered a redundancy package and was looking for a change in career.

My analysis of the home revealed that the house was enjoying good Feng Shui and that moving the kitchen would serve no advantage. However, the South wall of the living/dining room was painted a striking blue, which disturbed the balance of elements. According to the Eight Aspirations formula of Feng Shui, the South sector represents “Recognition Luck” and belongs to the fire element. However, the blue wall represents water element which would have a negative effect on the recognition luck of the family. This would explain Mr L’s recent situation.

AFTER: Adding the Fire element to Family L's South wall brings career luck
AFTER: Adding the Fire element to Family L’s South wall brings career luck


My main recommendations were to paint the said wall red, install two strategic water features, and enhance the NW, North and South sectors of the home to benefit Mr L’s career luck.

Mrs L:

“We made the color change for our wall based on Lucy’s recommendation. A distinct change our family experienced was in terms of recognition and the availability of professional opportunities. While my husband had opportunities to move and progress within his current company even in the midst of corporate restructuring, there also came outside opportunities, along with possible entrepreneurial ventures.

The South represents fame, recognition, and a good reputation, and the color change of our South wall to red, which symbolizes fire, did light up our path to immense possibilities. At the same time, the color change became the ‘feature’ wall of our dining area, and brought a very nice accent to our home.”

Case Study 2:  Restoring the Patriarch’s Luck

I was asked to help Family H after Mr H had lost his job.

The family lived in a truly stunning penthouse (later featured in Expat Living), however, the North sector – which represents “Career Luck” –  was completely missing on the upper level. At the same time, the NW sector of the lower level was completely taken up by bathrooms, pressing down on the patriarch’s luck.

Restoring the North sector of Family H's roof terrace helped their success
Restoring the North sector of Family H’s roof terrace helped their success


I made a number of recommendations, the most important being:

  • Installation of three strategic water features
  • Addition of fire energy in the main bathroom downstairs to counter its draining effect on the patriarch.

Soon enough Mr H’s luck returned and he secured a leading position with an international company. Seeing this success, Mr H has subsequently commissioned my Feng Shui advice for the company’s corporate offices in Singapore and in China.

Mrs H:

“What I love about Lucy is the fact that she is open to modern home solutions despite Feng Shui being an ancient practice. She understands modern design so she can help you come up with the right cure that also blends into your home decor aesthetically.’

Case Study 3: How Feng Shui Improved Sleep and Everything Else

Mrs M contacted me about 6 months after moving to Singapore because her family had difficulty feeling at home in their new apartment. She described the main problems:

  • Neither Mr nor Mrs M were sleeping well and therefore both felt drained.
  • Mr M’s contract in Singapore was limited to two years after which the family was planning to return to their home country. Mr M would then need to change his career and find a new job.
  • The whole family was feeling stressed. Mrs M was longing for more family harmony.

Upon examining the beautiful apartment, I found that the master bedroom needed the most attention. The en-suite bathroom was clearly visible through a glass wall and the corners of the rectangular handwash basins pointed directly at the bed – a classic source of poison arrows! Such poison arrows can lead to headaches and illness and I was not surprised to hear that Mr and Mrs M were suffering.

Bathroom with poison arrows
Bathroom with poison arrows


There were many (easy) changes I could recommend to the family to increase their well-being and to activate Mr M’s luck so new career opportunities could unfold. The most important of these was to cover the glass wall with a curtain. Once that was installed, both Mr and Mrs M immediately slept much better! Experiencing this instant result, Mrs M diligently followed all my other recommendations. New and unexpected opportunities did come up for Mr M and, instead of returning to their home country, Mr M now has a new role in the region which he enjoys very much. The family decided to stay in Singapore and moved to a new duplex apartment where they are now happily living – and which has good Feng Shui!

Mrs M:

“I am very grateful that we met Lucy and that she brought Feng Shui into our lives. Her description (above) of our situation is very accurate.

After two years the apartment we rented was to be sold, which means we had to move. This time, Lucy advised us before we moved into our new home with the effect that we immediately felt comfortable and at home in our new surroundings.

Thank you, Lucy, and we look forward to receiving your advice on our own home in our home country when the time comes!”

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