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Fat melting treatments in Singapore: Non-invasive cosmetic treatments for skin-tightening and slimming

Everyone knows how to lose weight – eat healthy and exercise regularly. But it simply (and sadly) isn’t that easy – especially when you have a busy job or little ones to keep track of.

But there is another way to get in shape for the summer season (all year in Singers – cheers, equator), which doesn’t include a dramatic lifestyle change or invasive cosmetic surgery.

Presenting Exilis – a revolutionary non-invasive fat-melting and skin-tightening treatment that Mendis Aesthetics have introduced to us lucky things in Singapore.

Slim those stubborn fatty parts that you can't shift 

Essentially, Exilis helps ladies and gents to look thinner and younger with minimal effort and time. Mendis Aesthetics and Surgery are the first guys to offer this snazzy treatment, which provides the answer for those who want the benefits of liposuction, but fear going under the knife.

‘But how?’, you ask in our imagination. By delivering both ultrasound and radio frequency waves, Exilis can reach layers of fat anywhere on the body. The ultrasound wave breaks apart fat cell structures, while the high frequency energy melts them away via the lymphatic system.

At the same time, Exilis smooths and tightens the skin for a glorious, youthful finish. Many ladies use the treatment as an anti-ageing solution for wrinkles around the forehead, eyes, mouth and neck.

Target the areas that are always the last to go - regardless of exercise


The treatment, which was offered first in Singapore by Mendis Aesthetics, is super comfortable, plus there’s no down time. But the best part? You get immediate, visual results. It’s no surprise that Channel News Asia even featured the new technology on telly!

Want to find out more? Get in touch with Mendis Aesthetics and meet Founder Dr Rohan Mendis, a fantastic surgeon who has practiced at excellent hospitals across the world. He is currently based at Mendis Aesthetics and Surgery at Mandarin Gallery (Mandarin Hotel Orchard).