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Fashion Revolution Day 2016: What you need to know

Did you know that fashion is the second most polluting industry on the planet? Yep, we were shocked too! Evidently, that’s why promoting sustainable practices has never been more important for the Earth, it’s environment and those involved in manufacturing. That’s the message that Agatha Lee and Raye Padit, the team behind Connected Threads Asia, want to spread in Singapore.

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After working to promote the global Fashion Revolution campaign (headquartered in London) here in Singapore, they decided to start a new initiative, Connected Threads Asia, in order to raise even more local awareness about the cause. “We want to bring about a more respectful fashion industry for everyone. It begins locally, and it’s all about making our fellow consumers aware that the power to demand a more sustainable industry lies in our hands, and that it’s for entrepreneurs to step up and take responsibility to build more socially conscious brands,” says co-founder Raye.

The duo are Singapore’s coordinators for Fashion Revolution Day, a global campaign culminating with activities on 24 April each year. Its aim is to increase awareness of the environmental and humanitarian impact of production practices. The date marks the Rana Plaza tragedy in Bangladesh, where over 1,100 workers were killed when a factory that produced clothes for several major fast fashion labels collapsed after basic safety measures were ignored by its owner.

To raise awareness, the group has organised fun interactive workshops, interesting talks and discussion sessions with opinion leaders and ethical retail brands, as well as fun clothing-swaps to promote recycling and waste reduction.

“Connected Threads Asia is not only about challenging the norms of the fashion industry, but challenging the way we consume as well,” says Agatha.

Attend Fashion Revolution Day 2016 on 24 April at Impact Hub Singapore at 128 Prinsep street, where you can mingle and chat with like-minded individuals over drink and nibbles, watch documentary The True Cost to gain a deeper understanding of the impact of the fashion industry, and find out more about how you can help the cause. The event starts at 4pm.

Find out more about Connected Threads Asia here


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