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Fashion in Singapore: How to choose a suit to suit your shape

Whether it be for a new corporate role or attending cocktail parties, here are some pointers to bear in mind when picking a suit – or, better yet, getting one custom-made.

The Tall one

Goal: To prevent a tall and slim physique from looking too gangly


•Wear lighter colours to add width to your torso.
•Wear a two-button suit with high-cut lapels.
•Have jacket shoulders extend slightly past your natural shoulder width.
•Show the minimal amount of cuff.
A slim fit is good, but avoid tight-fitting suits, which give a lankier appearance.


Avoid suit jackets with thin lapels and built-up square shoulders.
Don’t wear your suit jacket unbuttoned; better to take it off altogether.
Don’t wear extra-slim ties that only elongate the torso

The Heavy Set

Goal: To emphasise


Dress in dark, solid colours or thin stripes.
Suit pants should be worn at the belly button or just above; wear braces (restart the trend!) if needs be to avoid fastening your pants above or below your belly if this is a problem area.
Keep your jacket buttoned unless you’re sitting down.


Don’t wear double-breasted suits as they draw attention to the midsection.
Don’t wear a roomy suit – it gives a sloppy appearance. On that note, don’t go un-tucked.
 Avoid pattered or checked shirts: keep it simple and elegant



Goal: To lengthen a short torso.


Go for solid colours or thin stripes for an illusion of height and leanness.
Show a dash of shirt cuff to elongate arms.
• Ask the tailor to set the jacket breast pocket a little higher than normal, the hip pockets lower, and have a lower button stance; these all elongate the silhouette.
• Choose peaked lapels to elongate your physique.



Don’t wear double-breasted suits as the double set of buttons adds width and the extra material adds bulk.
Don’t wear a longer suit jacket – it shortens the legs.
• The less going on, the taller you’ll appear, so swap the fat tie for a slim one and ditch the belt altogether.


The Athlete

Goal: To accommodate a toned and bulky frame, without making the lower physique and waist appear large as well.


Two-button jackets nipped in at the waist will complement your tapered torso.
For thicker necks, wear low-collar shirts


Don’t wear peaked lapels or padded shoulders; your chest and shoulders are broad enough.
Aim for correct sizing rather than just settling for a size too large.



To tailor your suit for a better fit, or to order a new one,

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