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Farmers’ market in Singapore: 10 things we love at Pasarbella

By: Jade McLean

Since Pasarbella last year, we’ve been flocking back to the farmers’ market on Turf Club Road (the only one in Singers!) for fantastic food, ace ingredients and heaps more fancy goodies for the home. Not sure where to begin? We take you through some of our favourite finds at its many stalls.


Tuna slices from Oceans of Seafood Market 

1. Tuna from Tokyo
Oceans of Seafood Market, #02-K2 to K11
Why we love it: Twice a week the fish comes in fresh from the Tokyo fish market, courtesy of their very own buyer there. Stop by on a Saturday and watch them slicing up a huge tuna. Authentic Japanese signage and a buzzy atmosphere makes it really feel like you’re in Japan.
Price: Maguro yellow fin: $105 per kg. Maguro blue fin: $150 per kg


Baileys macarons from Bonheur Patisserie 

2. Baileys macarons
Bonheur Patisserie, #02-K63
Why we love it: Lin Weixian makes his melt-in-the-mouth macarons practically with his eyes shut, and you can watch him sieve the icing and split the eggs onsite. On the weekends, he even decorates them with little faces for kids who can be seen queuing up around the corner. Lin was voted one of the top five pastry chefs in Singapore in 2004.
Price: $3 to $3.50


Plantain fries from Sea Salt Caribbean Deli 

3. Plantain fries
Sea Salt Caribbean Deli, #02-K40
Why we love it: Ivan from the Dominican Republic has been cooking in Singapore for the past 17 years. Taught by none other than his mum, he cooks up amazing plantain and sweet potato fries along with incredible pulled-pork sandwiches. We shared one portion and didn’t eat for the rest of the day.
Price: $7


Pomegranate cake from Laman's Delight 

4. Pomegranate cake
Laman’s Delight, #02-K38
Why we love it: Laman Bagheri from Russia runs this Russian-style cake shop all on her own, and her cakes are so popular that they often sell out way before the weekend is over. You must try her weird and wonderful pomegranate cake; it’s covered in pomegranates, sourced, at this time of year, from Africa.
Price: $12 per slice


Luxurious scented candles from To Be Calm 

5. Candles with original scents and special messages
To Be Calm, #02-K62
Why we love it:  Owned by Australian husband-and-wife team Wayde and Cherylynne Clews, To Be Calm has beautifully packaged candles with original fragrances that each evoke a different mood. Our fave? “A Shared Smile – Ylang Ylang & Mandarin”, displayed with this quote by Mother Teresa: “Spread love wherever you go; let no one ever come to you without leaving happier.”
Price: $18 to $49.95


Seafood paella at Le Patio 

6. Seafood paella
Le Patio, #02-K27
Why we love it: Once you’ve spotted this paella bubbling away in pans measuring over a metre in diameter, you’ll have to try it. Considering it’s cooked on such a large scale, it’s near perfect, with a lovely socarrat, or crispy under-layer of rice. Our only gripe: the portions aren’t big enough! The homey quality of the stall, stuffed with keepsakes and cookbooks (all from Sean, the owner’s, collection) make the stall endearing, too.
Price: $13.50


A sublime cuppa from Dutch Colony Coffee Co 

7. Offbeat coffee brews
Dutch Colony Coffee Co., #02-K67/K68
Why we love it: Coffee addicts will enjoy the array of equipment used to brew your coffee here, including a French press, an aero press, a wood-neck drip pot and Chemex coffeemaker. Each device produces a different flavour from the same beans, so why not experiment to find your favourite? From modest beginnings selling coffee at Loewen Gardens from a two-metre trestle table, this shop now roasts 90kg of beans every day, making the market smell absolutely divine.
Price: $4.50 to $10


Vegan miso lime chili dressing at Mekhala Cafe 

8. Miso lime chili dressing
Mekhala Café, #02-K57
Why we love it: This versatile dressing, a mix of Thai and Japanese flavours, can be thrown into stir-fries or poured over salads. It’s currently the most popular product in the store, which carries sauces, pastes, jams and dressings made from produce grown on small farms in Chiang Mai in northern Thailand. The products are organic, vegan and mostly gluten-free.
Price: $8.20 per 250ml


Traditional Gouda at The Cheese Ark 

9. Seven-year Gouda
The Cheese Ark, #02-06/#K28
Why we love it: These days, most Dutch Gouda is under two years old. However, this seven-year-old Gouda is made the traditional way, and there are only two cheese-makers left in Holland who allow it to age this long. Ai Ming, the stall owner, says she’s had to wait three or four years for new stock.
Price: $17 per 100g


Exotic flowers for every occasion at Poppy Flora Studio 

10. Unusual imported flowers
Poppy Flora Studio, #02-06 / #K34
Why we love it: Poppy imports seasonal flowers from around the world – flowers like green bells and double-lip tulips from Holland, proteas from South Africa and bleeding hearts from New Zealand. You can have an arrangement of any size sent to your doorstep once a week, sign up for a flower-arranging workshop or create your own floral art on the spot.
Price: from $160 for an eight-week weekly delivery, plus delivery charges of $10