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Expat mums’ experiences of caesarean birth in Singapore

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Choosing the right hospital to give birth in can be daunting for a mum-to-be, whether you’ve recently relocated or been here for years. With the plethora of hospitals in Singapore, where do you start? Thomson Medical is one trusted maternity choice, offering a number of alternative birthing services, including hydrotherapy for pain relief during labour, natural birth assisted by a doula, and elective caesarean. Here two mothers discuss what happened when they chose the last option.

Mathilde de Mareuil and Leo
 “Leo was born three months ago. We had a planned C-section as both of my older kids were born that way. I had my first boy, Alex, at Mount Elizabeth four years ago. We chose to have our second and third children at Thomson because my gynaecologist, Dr T.C. Chang, is there.

Tim, my second son, was born by emergency C-section at Thomson. Although we had to rush to the emergency room, the delivery was handled very professionally. The nurses were extremely nice and soothing. It all went very smoothly.

Leo was born three months ago by a planned C-section. Arriving at the hospital at 5.30am, we were caught in a severe Singapore downpour! The check-in only took a few minutes, and then I was in the room getting ready. My husband appeared all dressed up like a cosmonaut and was able to attend the whole operation. It was all very organised and reassuring.

Apart from the chicken’s feet soup – after fasting for 24 hours: great! – the service was fine and the rooms were tidy and spotless. At first, I had a deluxe room to myself, but the noisy celebrations in some of the rooms on my floor seemed never-ending. I couldn’t sleep, which is probably the worst thing you can imagine after having a major operation and a baby. After the staff moved us to a quieter room on another floor for the last two nights, it was perfect.

Apart from being a comfortable place to have a baby, with extremely professional staff (and great chicken soup!), I would say Thomson’s best asset is Dr T.C. Chang.”

caesarean baby 

Melinda Barron, Stella and Kate
“I’ve had two babies at Thomson: both were by C-section. Kate is two years old and Stella is ten months old. I chose Thomson for Kate on the advice of my obstetrician Dr Michelle Lee. It was then a logical choice when I had Stella, as things went really well with Kate.

My experience with Stella’s birth was as good – and in some ways better – than when my oldest daughter, Anna, was born in Australia in 2007. Being an experienced mother helped a bit, as I knew what to expect and when to ask for help.

I did manage to shock the staff with my ang moh ways, like not bathing my babies until Day Two, and rooming with both my baby and husband.

I was impressed with the staff at Thomson, who were always available to help or find someone else to assist me. I had fantastic help with establishing breastfeeding too.’

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