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Expat Living Photo Competition 2016: All the Winners!

Once again, hundreds of fantastic photos flooded EL’s inboxes, making our seventh annual Photo Competition the most hotly contested to date. Thank you to everyone who entered their beautiful images. Whether it was a close-up of an elephant in Phnom Penh, a panoramic of balloons of Bagan or a scene from a Thaipusam festival, one thing’s for sure – there’s serious talent here in Singapore.

Again, thank you to everyone who entered. Thanks also to our panel of guest judges and to all our very generous prize sponsors.

Photography in Singapore


Grand Prize Winner:
The Extravaganza
(Beijing, China) by Glenn Elvy

‘A difficult shot taken in low light, and the performers only circled the stage twice. However, the difficulty of the shot pales in comparison to that of the performance.’ – Glenn Elvy

Judges’ comments:
“Beautiful composition, lighting and subject. A great moment captured forever.” – Chris Churcher

“Just, wow! Colours and movement, and bad light – this looks staged.” – James Brook-Partridge

Grand Prize
The grand prize winner receives a four-night, six-bedroom stay at the luxurious Villa Tasanee in Koh Samui, Thailand (worth $6,000), complete with an infinity pool and beautiful terrace. facebook.com/everasiavillas


photography in Singapore 

Snow Monkey

by Joseph Goh Meng Huat

‘The snow monkeys were keeping themselves warm inside the onsen.’ – Joseph Goh Meng Huat

Judges’ comments:
“This is worthy of National Geographic magazine – a well composed and close-up image. I love the way the falling snowflakes frame the image.” – Kate Griffiths

“This is a slightly haunting image! It’s like monkeys lost at sea clinging onto a raft. But when you stare at it long enough, you get a real sense of calm from it. And we all need a bit of calm in our lives. I love the monkeys on either side – both with heads bowed, just relaxing in the warm water. Great depth of field on this, as well – the monkeys further away drop out of focus; it draws you into the captivating face of the central monkey.” – James Brook-Partridge

Runner-up Prize
The runner-up receives a creative photography session with Littleones Photography and a desktop photograph from the acrylic range. littleonesphotography.com

photography in Singapore

The Great Outdoors
As Above, So Below
by Wisnu Haryo Yudhanto

Judges’ comments:
“This picture took my breath away. It’s simply stunning, and has some wonderfully ambiguous elements to it. When you first see it, it feels like you could be underwater. You then zero in on the figure and work it out. It has real drama, it’s beautifully framed and makes a feature of the dark conditions in which it was shot. I’ve always been a fan of black-and-white images.” – James Brook-Partridge

“Amazingly exposed in tricky lighting, and they have captured a powerful and interesting scene.” – Kate Griffiths

Photography in Singapore

The Groin Vaults of San Sebastian Church
by Ken Koh

Judges’ comments:
“Lovely composition, colour and feel – you can really appreciate the splendour of the ceilings.” – Chris Churcher

“I like the unique perspective of this shot and its artistic composition.” – Kate Griffiths

Photography in Singapore

Epicurean Adventures
How Do You Like Your Eggs?
by Mark Ward

Judges’ comments:
“So atmospheric. This picture has drama, suspense and an air of mystery about it. Capturing images in strange atmospheric conditions takes skill, and I’m sure this shot was not as straightforward as it looks. The fact that this fella is boiling eggs is just the icing on the cake!” –James Brook-Partridge

“A well-thought-out image – it captures mood with soft and atmospheric lighting, creating an eye-catching photograph.” – Kate Griffiths

Culture and Heritage
The Morning Conference
by John Benson

Judges’ comments:
“With its slightly ethereal quality, this almost feels like a painting by one of the Old Masters.” – Chris Churcher

“You look at the faces of these guys and you wonder what they have seen – they have so much character. They probably sit there every morning and talk about the good old days. Just a wonderful moment in time.” – James Brook-Partridge

photography in Singapore

Family Moments
My Little Photographer
by Allan Espolong

Judges’ comments:
“I like the way the photographer has blurred the background and foreground to emphasize this fun moment. Great viewpoint and angle.”  – Kate Griffiths

“The more you look at this image, the more stories are being told: the son taking a picture of his family, the photographer capturing them, the lady in the background taking a selfie, a man on the other side watching her, and so on… and all on our very own Orchard Road. You don’t need to travel far to take great photos.”  – Chris Churcher

Category Winners Prize
Each of our five category winners receives a Sunday Prosecco brunch for two at Grand Hyatt Singapore’s Italian restaurant, Pete’s Place. singapore.grand.hyatt.com.

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