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Exercise on the cheap: Working out without a gym

By: Jake Riggir

The gym isn’t for everyone. Not only is it expensive, but there are some questionable stereotypes lurking around the studio – the grunters, the chatters and the posers. Fear not, you don’t always need a gym to get rid of that beer tum. There are cheaper ways to get yourself into shape – all you need is motivation. Check out our quick guide to free workouts below…

1. Videos on YouTube
Think fitness DVDs for the younger generation. You wouldn’t want to be caught dead doing this in your pants in the living room, but following someone on the screen helps you get going. Plus, the options are endless – videos for whatever workout you’re interested in. Whether it’s standard crunches, beginner kickboxing, a spot of yoga or even dance, using YouTube is an awesome way to improve existing skills or learn new ones. We repeat, try not to get caught, you’ll feel like a right muppet.


You, too, could look this majestic
You, too, could look this majestic


2. Swimming
Most of us have access to a pool in Singapore, so there’s no excuse not to try and get better and doing laps. You get a workout of the whole body and it’s pretty rewarding. Try and do constant laps for five minutes, with 15 second breaks, and see if you can increase the time every week or so. The great thing about swimming is that it’s not rough on your joints, you feel reasonably refreshed, and it burns serious calories while toning up. Have you seen how ripped some of those Olympic swimmers are? Goggles on, chaps.


where to buy running gear in singapore
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3. Run home from work
Work finishes and, when you get home, you want to relax. The weekend comes around and you’re too hungover to run on Saturday. And Sunday. It’s a vicious cycle. One way to nail your exercise while not taking a chunk out of your life? Run home from work three times a week. Unless you’re out all the time (in which case, you’ll need this more than anyone) and live way out in the sticks, this is entirely possible. Run as much as you can to start with and walk what you can’t manage – every little helps, plus we bet you’ll be able to run the whole way within four months or so. And, before you let the heat put you off, it’s surprising how easily you get used to running in the evening warmth. Once you’re addicted to jogging, you can try out these running tracks in Singapore or sign up to a local race.


So there you have it – the nudge you needed to get those bingo wings sorted out, for free. G’luck, tubby.