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Escape Singapore’s haze with these low cost, last minute trips to countries with cleaner air

With pollution levels at a record high across Singapore this week, people across the island are understandably grabbing their loved ones and whisking them off to other countries to escape the unhealthy haze.  If you fancy joining them, but don’t want to splash too much cash, we’ve found five cheap, easy flights to nearby countries (with clean air, hurrah!) with Skyscanner (all prices are for June 2013).

1. Phuket, Thailand from $166

The ever-popular Thai beach haven of Phuket caters for all budgets guarantees sunshine, great food and superb beaches – not to mention some of that precious fresh sea air. Book up here

2. Phnom Penh, Cambodia from $162

The gateway to the wonder of Angkor Wat, the city of Phnom Penh may be a bustle of tuk-tuks and traffic, but it’s also only a short trip away from many gorgeous beach resorts such as Sihanoukville, one of Cambodia’s burgeoning coastal gems where a breezy boat ride will provide endless fresh air. Book up here

3. Hanoi, Vietnam from $254

Escape the bustle of Vietnam’s buzzing capital and take a cruise out on Ha Long Bay, gazing out over 1500km of limestone isles as far as the eye can see out towards the South China Sea. What haze? Book up here  

4. Da Nang, Vietnam from $255

Another Vietnamese treasure, Da Nang and nearby Hoi An both offer an enriching break in picture-perfect surroundings. Stroll through Hoi An’s quaint lanes and splurge on custom-made shoes and clothing for a fraction of the price of a tailor in the Lion City, or chill on one of Da Nang’s relatively secluded and windswept beaches. Book up here

5. Colombo, Sri Lanka from $211

One of Asia’s fastest growing holiday destinations, Sri Lanka is stealing some of India’s limelight. With an abundance of white sandy beaches and clear blue sea only a short drive from Colombo, now is the ideal time to visit this beautiful country. Book up here