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Environmental news in Singapore


On 22 April, dust off your old hippie jeans and bask in the sunshine while munching local tropical fruit; it’s Earth Day! This year’s celebration will focus on the project A Billion Acts of Green, where individuals and organisations register their pledges to live and act in ways that sustain the planet. The target is to register one billion acts before the Earth Summit in Rio 2012. The number stands at over 45 million, so if you haven’t registered your pledge, do so now! It’s easy: just head to act.earthday.org. For more information on Earth Day initiatives and programmes, visit www.earthday.org.

Go Green

Always wanted to commit to a green or eco-friendly cause? Send us your pledges now to inspire others with your vision; we’ll publish our favourites next month!
Email victoria@expatlivingsingapore.com with the subject “I Pledge to be Green”.

Message in a Bottle

The staff at Fiji Water are working overtime this month for a good cause; they’re collecting bottles. In an effort to increase its “green-ness”, the company will be collaborating with leading hotels and dining establishments that serve Fiji Water, including The Song of India, The Tippling Club and the Shangri-La Hotel. Staff will be conducting the bottle collection while a more long-term solution is put in place.

No Licence to Chill

A friend of mine complains about how cold her office is; she’s even resorted to buying a fleece jacket. And so have many other people working in Singapore, apparently. In a poll conducted by WWF Singapore for Earth Hour 2011, almost half of the 450 respondents said that their offices and schools were too cold, while 52 percent found cinemas too chilly. WWF proposes that office temperatures be increased to 24 degrees Celsius or higher; not only to save the environment, but also to improve the health of employees.

Green Rewards

They may not be getting a gold statue, but this year’s 11 EcoFriend Award-winners will be recognised for their fantastic contribution to the wellbeing of our planet. There are five categories in the Awards: Private Sector, Public Sector, Educational Institutions, Volunteers from Non-Government and Grassroots Organisations, and Youths and Students. The fifth annual EcoFriend Awards Ceremony will be held in commemoration of Earth Day on 20 April.