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Enjoy a stress-free holiday in four easy steps

Holidays are supposed to be all about taking a break and relaxing, right? But when you spend countless hours scouring the internet to find the cheapest flights, visa information, travel insurance and the perfect hotel, you can end up feeling frazzled, before you even get to your departure gate.

When putting together a seamless getaway becomes more work than the job you’re escaping, it’s time to call on the experts.

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Let the professionals do the hard work so you can enjoy your holiday

Step one: Talk to the professionals
With its stable of educated, travel-savvy professionals from all corners of the globe and its easy-to-spot red and white signage, Flight Centre is the destination for solving travel planning woes. The consultants at their three Singapore stores hail from Australia, the UK, Malaysia, Austria, New Zealand the Philippines and India, so if they don’t hold a passport for where you want to go, chances are they’ve been there. A consultation can be as quick as ten minutes or take up a leisurely afternoon; it’s entirely your choice. Once your consultant understands what you want, they’ll piece together all the nitty gritty details for you. Easy!

holiday tips, travel tips
Tailor your holiday to your dreams

Step two: Book the dream travel package
As one of the biggest travel retailers on the planet, Flight Centre has access to a global network of specialised and exclusive travel deals, so your consultant really does have the world at their fingertips and can provide a human touch. From jungle treks in Borneo and spa breaks in Bali, to destination weddings and Caribbean cruises, they can tailor just about any travel dream into a travel reality.

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Forget the paperwork and make sure you don’t miss the sights

Step three: Leave the documentation to the experts
Once your customised travel experience is booked, all you have to do is pack your bags; your Flight Centre consultant will issue your documents and make sure you have everything you need for your trip. From visas to travel insurance, all your paperwork will be confirmed and ready to go, leaving you free to worry about the really important stuff – like, do you really need a different pair of shoes for every single outfit?

holiday tips, travel tips
Ultimately a holiday is about relaxation and fun

Step four: Relax and enjoy yourself!
The support doesn’t stop when you get on the plane (or boat, or car, or train). Your personal travel professional is there to make sure your trip is an amazing experience from start to finish. If you need help with anything while you’re away, you just have to pick up the phone.

Travel can be unpredictable sometimes. Flights get cancelled. Mother Nature gets temperamental and decides that it’s time for a typhoon, but you won’t need to stress. You’ll have been issued with a contact number for 24/7 support, available anytime, anywhere and you’re back to sipping margaritas by the pool as soon as possible!

So, for your next trip, kick back and let someone else do the legwork and you won’t have to wait until your trip starts to be in relaxed holiday mode.


Flight Centre Singapore locations:
137 Cecil Street, #01-01 | 6692 9657
City Link Mall, #B1-07 | 6692 9658
Plaza Singapura, #06-14 | 6692 9656

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