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Education in Singapore: Explore Nexus International School’s personalising learning programme at their upcoming Open Day

Schools and teachers – not just in Singapore, but globally, have spent many years discussing how they can personalise classroom learning for all students. It’s a fact that all people are unique – they have different personalities, ways of learning, past experiences and interests. Even when grouped according to standardised tests, kids know different amounts about different aspects of each subject and topic. These variables make personalising a curriculum difficult.

There is, however, widespread agreement that one of the key drivers of personalisation is ‘self regulation’. And this is what makes Nexus International School (Singapore) such a special learning environment for children here.

Psst! Parents can learn more about this distinct approach and tour Nexus’s world-class facilities at their open day on October 25. Head here to register.


The concept of self-regulation at Nexus contains the following core aspects:
– Self-observation (monitoring one’s activities);
– Self-judgement (self-evaluation of one’s performance) and
– Self-reactions (reactions to performance outcomes).

Essentially, if a child is able accurately reflect on their progress towards a learning goal, and appropriately adjust their actions and level of effort to improve that performance, they have effectively self-regulated. This involves…
Strategic action: Learning how to plan, monitor and evaluate progress against their own standards (rather than against other people)
Motivation to learn: Focusing on effort, rather than ‘intelligence’ – this is critical in developing resilient and self-regulating learners

At Nexus, personalised learning is at the heart of what they do, and they teach students the above skills in order to self regulate their studies.

A result of Nexus’s commitment to personalised learning is an academically rigorous curriculum. Rather simply memorising the curriculum (an important, yet low-level skill), lessons focus on the creation of new knowledge, especially across traditional subject boundaries, to encourage higher-level skills and increases self-regulation.




More about Nexus
Nexus International School began in 2011 and is an International Baccalaureate World School, authorised to deliver the IB Primary Years Programme from nursery to year 6 and the IB Diploma Programme for year 12 and 13. Nexus is also an examination Centre for the Cambridge International Examination Board and delivers the International General Certificate of Secondary Education for Year 10 and 11.

Catering to over 700 learners aged three to 18 from over 50 countries, Nexus aims to create an inclusive, innovative and respectful learning environment. Their huge campus on Ulu Pandan Road is close to lots of expat communities and includes a library, multimedia centre, science laboratories, gymnasiums, swimming pools, sports fields, music room, drama studio and an auditorium.

With an exceptionally good teacher to learner ratio, the Nexus curriculum is designed and developed based on the latest scientific research and brought to life by a team of highly qualified teachers. The Nexus Academic Team boasts very accomplished teachers, with many of them being specialists with rich experience at prestigious international and British schools.

The use of technology is fully integrated in the learning of all subjects at Nexus, with a 1:1 Macbook learning programme for Year 6 through to Year 13, enabling thoughtful access to digital content and educational software. There is also a generous provision of Apple laptops in Primary school and iPads in Nursery and Kindergarten.


The extensive co-curricular programme at Nexus offers a massive range of sports activities, with the school actively participating in competitions organised among other international schools across swimming, volleyball, touch rugby, cricket, football, basketball, badminton, cross-country, track and more. It’s also the first international school in Singapore to offer Elite Swimming Scholarships, apart from its Academic Scholarships. The co-curricular programme also extends to other subjects including drama, journalism, calligraphy and environmentalism.

Eager to know more about the curriculum, facilities and personalised learning approach at Nexus? Simply register for their open day on October 25 and head along to meet the team.