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Looking for furniture that’s eco-friendly and stylish?

Want beautiful furniture that can be modern and light, solid and chunky and can survive all your moves?  Most of us are looking for furniture that looks good, is safe to have in the home but also doesn’t harm the environment. One company that aims to satisfy all of these criteria is Mountain Teak.

How do they do this?

1. They use reclaimed teak as much as possible, because it means no new trees are felled. Another happy benefit of using old wood is that it tends to be stronger and contain less moisture, and, as it’s been used for years already, it tends to be more stable, and is less likely to bend or warp.

Mountain Teak
Using solid wood and minimal coating helps make furniture safe for the home.

2. Solid wood is far more natural than plywood or compressed board, both of which use glue and chemicals during the manufacturing process.

3. All the major furniture brands at Mountain Teak have certifications – for example, the FSC certification – or they use wood from PEFC-certified forests (see the glossary, opposite).

4. The company’s Karpenter collection uses FSC-certified teak wood reclaimed from old houses or bridges. The same quality of wood is used inside and out, which avoids the need for finger joints and therefore minimises the use of glues

Mountain Teak
Part of the Karpenter collection, this Brooklyn sideboard is made from FSC-certified reclaimed mixed hardwood.

5. The SquareRoots collection uses sustainably sourced French oak obtained from PEFC-certified mills in Burgundy, France. Many designs feature live-edge solid oak slabs, which add to their natural visual appeal.

6. Lacquer, which contains VOC, is not used in any of the products at Mountain Teak, and some items aren’t even coated. If there is a coating, it’s either water-, wax- or oil-based, meaning the new piece doesn’t give off an unpleasant smell, but rather the natural fragrance of wood.

7. The store’s latex mattresses are natural, made from sap, and contain no harsh chemicals.

8. Teak wood is frequently used in the company’s collections. Aside from being easy to care for and long-lasting, its strength and rich oil content make it water-resistant and termite-resistant, so there’s no need to protect teak furniture with a thick layer of lacquer.

Mountain Teak


VOC: Volatile organic compound (which includes formaldehyde) is commonly found in furniture lacquer.

FSC: Forest Steward Certification confirms that the forest is being managed in a way that preserves the natural ecosystem and benefits the lives of local people and workers, while ensuring sustainable economic viability.

PEFC: The Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification promotes sustainable forest management through forest certification.

Mountain Teak
#07-02 Tan Boon Liat Building 315 Outram Road
6224 7176 | mountainteak.com


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