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Driving in Singapore: To buy or lease?


Deals on Wheels

If you need a car for at least a year but don’t want to commit yourself to buying one, leasing is an excellent option. The advantage is that you get to drive your vehicle of choice, while all your maintenance and servicing needs are taken care of.

Avis Premium Leasing offers the choice of a brand new car tailored to suit your lifestyle and family needs. Avis has established connections with all major auto brands, so you can get the most competitive deal.

If you’re looking for a car on a budget, Avis has a well-maintained fleet of young cars, allowing you to travel in comfort without breaking the bank.

Check out the Avis Satellite Navigation system. This lets you look up addresses, hotels and attractions within Malaysia and Singapore – all at the touch of a screen. It gives clear, turn-by-turn directions that announces streets by name, particularly handy for the newcomer.

Noteworthy is the Avis Cares4Kids service , which is a baby and toddler safety and preparation programme. It lets you hire items such as baby car seats, a backseat baby-view mirror (to keep an eye on youngsters while you drive), and child window shades, to name a few.

Why lease?

1. Simple to budget – Fixed monthly costs throughout the lease with no additional costs for maintenance, servicing and repairs.

2. Year-round mobility – Provision of replacement vehicle at no extra cost while the leased vehicle undergoes service or repairs.

3. Ease the strain on cash flow – No capital outlay. No interest charges for funding.

4. Saves administration time – No problem with insurance claims, vehicle testing or registration.

5. No risk involved -  No financial losses or difficulties when disposing the vehicle.

6. Additional benefits – Avoidance of old or obsolete models. Flexibility in resources planning. Ability to upgrade.

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Say Bye to Buying

There’s no denying, cars in Singapore come with a hefty price tag. The experts at Eurokars say that the best way to finance your car is through leasing, which is often cheaper than buying and is a more flexible option.

“In Singapore, where cars can cost double compared to many other places, how we finance the car is crucial,” says a spokesman for Eurokars. “You can pay cash, of course, but why tie up financial resources when financing is so readily and cheaply available?”

Here’s why we should lease a car instead of buying one:

   • Leasing is cheaper, especially in Singapore’s motoring market where the cost of the COE (Certificate of
     Entitlement) changes by the month, causing potential loss of value.

   • Leasing is more flexible, with packages that can include maintenance.

   • Leasing allows for a change of make and model.

One happy customer, Bruno Finetto of Italy, agrees. He reckons that leasing is the smarter option in Singapore. “Leasing a car has many advantages over buying one, especially when you consider the price of cars here. In Italy, you can get a Ferrari for the same price as many run-of-the-mill cars here.”

Bruno enjoys the peace of mind that leasing brings. “Should anything go wrong, Eurokars will come and recover my Saab, even in Malaysia. Once, during a torrential downpour, my Saab had a puncture and they brought me a replacement car immediately. Although it only took them a short while to fix it, I was happy to know that another car was available should I have needed it.”