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Dover Court International School: Christopher Short

Dover Court International School (DCIS) has welcomed a new Principal, Christopher Short. After attending Gordonstoun in Scotland, Christopher got his degree and teaching qualification from St Mary’s College, University of Surrey. He joins DCIS from the British International School of Hanoi, Vietnam, where he was the founding Head of Secondary. Here’s what makes this experienced global educator tick.

DCIS new principal
DCIS’s new principal, Christopher Short


What was your path to Singapore?

Born in the UK, I have spent much of my life in education, with stints in Kenya, Sierra Leone, Venezuela, Australia, Dubai, Ascension Island and Vietnam. I first visited Singapore back in 1984 so it has been interesting to re-discover the city to see what has changed and what has not. After so many years, I am very excited to now be living in such a great location.

What’s the best thing about being a teacher?

Making a difference to students and seeing them reach their potential. Students I have taught have gone on to become a wide variety of things (including Crown Prince!) and I hope I have played a part in them doing the very best they can – in and out of their careers – and enjoying it.

What advice do you give to parents moving to a new city with children?

Do not worry about the children – they will be more resilient than you. A good school is a great way to build a social and support network for them and you.

What would be your advice to students moving to live abroad?

The same as my advice to young teachers looking for their first opportunity overseas: go for it! Once you are in a new country, look for fresh opportunities, not the things you miss from home.

What does it mean to you to be a teacher?

I have devoted 23 years to education and had some fantastic experiences. I have taken a group of students to The Hermitage in St Petersburg, taught students to scuba dive and then run an expedition with them to remote world-class dive locations, experienced students having a light-bulb moment when they finally understand trigonometry, and developed young teachers into highly effective middle and senior leaders – to name just a few highlights. No two days are the same!

Quick-fire questions:

What’s your favourite education-related quote?

“They’ll be smart enough if we are good enough” – Sir John Jones.

What’s one word of advice you would give to parents moving abroad?

Absorb. What one lesson do you want students to take with them? Always strive to improve in every area of life.

What’s the most challenging thing about being a teacher?

Ensuring you meet the needs of all your students.


Dover Court International School is at 301 Dover Road. For more information, call 6775 7664 or visit dovercourt.edu.sg.

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