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Do’s and don’ts for Chinese New Year

A long weekend isn’t the only luck coming your way over Chinese New Year on Friday 31 January 2014. Follow our advice to give yourself the best chance of banking some good fortune to see you through the next lunar year. 

The colourful Chingay Parade

Wear red clothes to chase away evil spirits. Your Manchester United strip doesn’t count Give ang pao (new money in red envelopes) to children and unmarried adults – though parting with your dosh may not be overly appealing, when your sister’s nippers have smarter iPhones than you

Get a super-sized shot of Chinese festive culture at Chingay Parade, the meanest street party and float parade in Asia

Get a haircut until the start of the second lunar month – unless, that is, you actually have a death wish for you maternal uncle

Sweep the floor or clean on New Year’s Day, as it’s believed to sweep away the luck you’ve just received. Print this out for your missus as proof.

Use knives or scissors on New Year’s Day as this may cut off your fortune. Swiss Army Knife included.


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