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Does playing sport make you a better student? Find out what this top international school in Singapore has to say!

As parents, we all encourage our children to get stuck into sports for the health benefits and all that, but the Australian International School (AIS) in Singapore is taking sport education one step further by championing the virtues of participation beyond just raising that heart rate.

Part of the School’s Inventors and Mentors programmes, Lynn Kachmarik (a former professional athlete and coach for the US Water Polo and Swim teams) is holding interactive Coaching for Character workshops focused on AIS’s three core pillars of Sport Education: Ownership and Accountability, Integrity and Honour. Getting a bit sweaty, she says, doesn’t just lower obesity, heart disease and osteoporosis, it can also foster leadership qualities, academic achievement and set students on the path towards an executive-level career!



Ownership and Accountability

A survey of 400 female corporate executives found that 94 percent played a sport and that 61 percent say that playing a sport contributed to their career success. All of which sounds great, but obviously the sport needs to be one which the child actually wants to participate in for it to be helpful and for them to reap the associated benefits of increased self-esteem, determination and goal-setting. Fortunately, AIS has a huge range of training squads and representative teams across all levels for students to choose from (**, to be precise, ranging from tennis, rugby, netball, basketball and cricket, to touch-volleyball, football, swimming and athletics, and even rock-climbing and zumba), so there’s every chance of their being at least one that they’ll be keen to kit up for.




AIS places integrity at the heart of success in sport – want to know why? Because research shows that tweens and teen who participate in sports flash improved social skills. Think strong moral principles, greater empathy, group motivation and collaboration, and all those lovely qualities that come from working towards a common goal. It’s such team-work that has seen their Under-11 and Under-12 Basketball, Netball and Rugby teams undefeated in the 2014/15 season!




AIS’s Athlete Development Program provides a platform for talented and highly motivated young athletes, but just because you’re super-skilled, doesn’t mean you can throw it like a Junior McEnroe when the going gets tough, does it? Win or lose, the School upholds the belief that commitment and perseverance for the sake of the name on your jersey, coaches and fans on the bleachers is the ultimate goal. Now that’s honourable!


Want to find out more about AIS’s stellar Sports and Athlete Development Programmes? Register online for the Open House on 10 September or call +65 6653 7906 to book your spot.

Australian International School; ais.com.sg; 1 Lorong Chuan, Singapore