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Do business on a boat in Marina Bay (sails meeting? No?)

Team Bonding at Marina Bay 

We told you the advantages of running a walking meeting. Now, how about a sailing meeting?

Nothing stifles your creativity (and spine) more than having back-to-back boardroom meetings. Whether you want to hold a legitimate meeting or fancy sneaking out of the office for a couple of hours (the second one? Thought so), head outside to Marina Bay for a quick sail down the city centre to get the juices flowing.

The chaps at Marina Bay Sailing offer a half-day (three hours) and full-day (six hours) sail with corporate prices starting from $480 and $960 respectively. Rope your HR manager in and sign up for the long-term package – inclusive of sailing lessons and a race event organised just for your colleagues. (If you need an excuse, say it’s excellent for team bonding and way cheaper than shipping everyone off to a resort… and then deny all knowledge of this statement if the company Maldives trip gets cancelled.

Sailing in Singapore 

Alternatively, if you simply fancy a casual sail with your mates over a beer or five, you can book a boat for three people for two and a half hours. Prices start at $350 and include an instructor for the inexperienced.