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    I design frames to complement my clients’ home interiors and their personal tastes. Very often in collaboration with their interior designers. In the course of such assignments, I have come across many beautiful and luxurious homes and always marvel at the effort my clients put in to create the feel of coziness and elegance in such a diversity of styles. Coordinated colors of subtle harmony, startling combinations of matching and thematic furnishings, customised floral arrangements and the finest selection of crockery.

    The final result of this loving and painstaking planning frequently stuns me and puts me in the mind of a warm, splendid and personal haven. I am truly grateful to my clients for giving me this honorary opportunity to personalise and design their frames to encapsulate their treasured moments. Adding warmth and be an extension of their “living elegance”. I have picked a few of these model homes to showcase how modern trappings and comfort can be blended with glamour, class and elegance.