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Cosmetic and aesthetic beauty treatments to bring out your best

There comes a point where we can all benefit from a little extra help in the beauty department beyond good skincare and nifty makeup tricks, and that’s when you need to call on expert help. But how do you navigate the maze of high-tech treatments out there? Here are Singapore’s smartest and most-requested cosmetic and aesthetic beauty fixes to help you put your best face forward.

face treatments
You’ll like this treatment if you’re prepping for a big event!

Ultherapy – Dr Yvonne Goh Aesthetics

Perfect for: Quick, no-fuss prep before a big event

We all want to put our best face forward for the festive season, but sometimes time isn’t our side. This non-surgical face and neck treatment uses ultrasound to lift and tone loose or sagging skin without any downtime. Best combined with facial rebalancing using botox and fillers, Ultherapy gives you tightened, lifted skin in a jiffy.

What’s involved?

The session at Dr Yvonne Goh Aesthetics begins with a consultation with Dr Goh herself, followed by the actual treatment, which uses ultrasound technology to lift the skin on the brow, neck and under the chin. The treatment deposits focused ultrasound energy below the surface of the skin to stimulate the creation of fresh collagen. This results in a gradual lifting and tightening of the skin, making you look younger altogether. It is also the only procedure to use ultrasound imaging, which allows the doctor to see the layers targeted during the treatment, ensuring that energy is deposited precisely for maximum effectiveness.

Ultherapy is a one time treatment with no downtime involved. To further complement and enhance the effects of the treatment, Dr Goh offers botox and fillers to further enhance proportions and replace facial volume that time has taken away.

Try it at:

Dr Yvonne Goh Aesthetics
1 Orchard Boulevard #09-05
Camden Medical Centre
6462 2559 / 4559 | dryvonnegoh.com

The Red Carpet Skin Perfecter – The Belle Clinic

Perfect for: Before big occasions or events

If you have an important occasion coming up and your skin is looking lacklustre, tired and lined, or if you simply want to tackle the early signs of ageing, then this luxe treatment may be the solution. It tightens, detoxifies and leaves you with a firmer, smoother and more radiant looking complexion, while also reducing pore size; it’s the perfect pre-party skin prep.

What’s involved?

The treatment has been designed to produce camera-ready skin, and with zero downtime. It combines a medical-grade laser, which gently improves the texture and uneven colour of dull skin, with a luxurious, calming hyaluronic facial treatment to re-establish water balance in stressed skin. The best thing about the Red Carpet Skin Perfecter is that it can be incorporated into The Belle Clinic’s Bespoke Clinical Program. For example, it can be combined with the clinic’s Triple Perfecter with Skin Collagen Refirm radiofrequency treatment, for more mature skin that requires an instantly tightened look.

Try it at:

The Belle Clinic
1 Tras Link, #02-06 Tanjong Pagar
6444 8108 | thebelleclinic.com

The Lumenis Skin Rejuvenation – The Aesthetics Centre

Perfect for:

Targeting sunspots and broken capillaries If you’ve spent a bit too much time in the sun over the years (living in the tropics will do that!) and signs of damage are starting to show through, this quick ten-minute procedure can help to improve dark spots and maintain skin firmness.

What’s involved?

After prepping with a thorough cleanse, the skin is treated with short-pulse laser technology. It’s ablative, so it removes thin layers of dull, dead cells to reveal the fresh, youthful skin below. The treatment is light and pain-free, it doesn’t even require numbing cream. The complexion may be mildly pink for about ten minutes immediately after the treatment, but that soon subsides. It’s recommends as a monthly treatment for six months, and then as a maintenance session every three to four months thereafter.

Try it at:

The Aesthetics Centre
1 Kim Seng Promenade,
#01-33 Great World City
6820 3308 | anitasoosay.com 

face lift
Look younger with this treatment by The Sloane Clinic

Dream Sculpture – The Sloane Clinic

Perfect for: Those who want fuller, younger-looking skin

If you’ve always wanted supple and lifted skin, this treatment is for you. Using Sculptra (a Poly-L-lactic acid filler) to target selected areas that need a little boost, Dream Sculpture promotes collagen production in the skin over time.

What’s involved?

A numbing cream is applied to the area 10 to 15 minutes before the session starts. During the treatment, cold compresses are used for maximum comfort and to minimise the chances of bruising. Injections of Sculptra are meticulously placed in selected areas on the face that will benefit most from the collagen stimulation effects. The results are not apparent immediately though, as this is not a dermal filler and collagen requires time to grow.

Right from the first treatment, Sculptra begins to work deep in the dermis, where your skin’s structure is reinforced as Sculptra helps to replace lost collagen. This provides a foundation that gradually restores the look of fullness especially for trouble areas (like wrinkles), and the effects typically take place four to six weeks after your first treatment. For best results, a series of sessions may be needed.

Try it at:

The Sloane Clinic
Three outlets islandwide:

#03-14A ION Orchard
2 Orchard Turn
6509 8108 | sloaneclinic.com


30 Raffles Place #03-01 Chevron House S(048622)
6533 2522

43 Jalan Merah Saga #01-66 Chip Bee Gardens S(278115)
6471 1108

Medical-Grade Anti-Aging Skin Rejuvenation Facial – Cutis Medical Laser Clinics

Perfect for: Dry and mature skin

For a pain-free, fast and effective aesthetic treatment suitable for the entire face, this treatment will do just the trick. Look forward to improved texture and colour, leading to firmer and more healthy-looking skin.

What’s involved?

The combination of Trilipo, Microdermabrasion and Ascorbic C firming treatment makes this a go-to skin rejuvenation for all skin types, especially dry and mature skin.

Trilipo is a great non-invasive solution for effective wrinkle reduction and facial skin tightening. Microdermabrasion removes the dead skin cells in the top most layer of skin, which helps to improve texture and colour, resulting to more supple and vibrant skin. The Ascorbic C Firming Treatment is infused with 15% pure Vitamin C, aloe and gentle multi-fruit acids that dramatically improve tone and firmness of the face and neck while refining skin texture. Finishing the treatment is the Cutis Beta Intense Hydration Mask, a sheet type of serum mask soaked with Beta-glucan, an ingredient known to deeply hydrate the skin, boost skin renewal, prevent skin damage and promote collagen synthesis.

Try it at:

Cutis Medical Laser Clinics
9 Scotts Road #08-07 Pacific Plaza,
6801 4000cutislaserclinics.com

aesthetic treatments
This treatment has no downtime required

CACI Luxury Non-Surgical Face Lift and Capacitive Radio Frequency (CRF) – SWUK Aesthetics

Perfect for: Saggy Skin Sufferers

Sadly, as we get on our facial muscles naturally start to lose tone and elasticity. This can be contributed to by a number of other factors, such as genetics, the environment and even weight-loss. It can make us look tired, and in certain cases older than our true age.

What’s involved?

The 90-minute CACI treatment uses micro-current technology to tone and target all areas of the face (all 32 facial muscles, to be exact!) with short electrical impulses, while also improving blood circulation and increasing collagen and elastin stores. The electro-buds are filled with something called Instant Firming Serum, which is designed to stimulate the muscles so as to encourage them to reconnect and communicate with the brain. This type of therapy was originally developed for treating facial palsy and stroke, and is now widely used in physiotherapy for pain control and in hospitals for wound healing. The CRF treatment uses more powerful technology than normal RF radio frequency, as it penetrates the skin more deeply. In conjunction with CACI, this strengthens skin tissue and stimulates collagen production for the ultimate anti-ageing hit. The treatment time is long, but no downtime is required. For the best anti-ageing results, it’s recommended to have two to three sessions a week to focus on different muscles on the face and neck, but you should see a visible lifting and tightening effect in just one treatment.

Try it at:

SWUK Aesthetics
321 Alexandra Road, #02-25 Alexandra Centre
6250 1326 | swukaesthetics.com

Transdermal Therapy – Mendis Aesthetics

Perfect for: Blasting blemishes, dull skin tone and fine lines

Ideal for those with acne, blackheads and a dull or uneven skin tone, this innovative two-step, non-invasive facial rejuvenation treatment uses a combination of microdermabrasion and dermoelectroporation to safely and effectively introduce active retinol to revitalise your complexion.

What’s involved?

The first step of the therapy is microdermabrasion to exfoliate the top layer of the skin, removing dead cells and superficial scars, while stimulating microcirculation and promoting tissue regeneration. Next comes transdermal therapy, where an ampoule of retinol is applied to the face and smoothed in using a transdermal hand-piece. The procedure has minimal downtime, and the visible results include improvements in smoothness, firmness, clarity and brightness of the skin. For the minority who have sensitive skin, there may be slight redness which disappears rapidly over time. The treatments are carried out at bi-monthly or monthly intervals – depending on the condition of the skin.

Try it at:

Mendis Aesthetics
333A Orchard Road, Mandarin Gallery
6235 1728 | drmendis.com

Let’s talk… Botox!

Wrinkles no more!

Micro Botox – Aesthetics & Reconstructive Centre

Perfect for: Those suffering from large pores, oily skin, crow’s feet or excessive sweating

Micro Botox remedies a number of different skin complaints, and it’s become particularly popular for those with deep-set frown lines, or for those who wish to treat their oily, perpetually sweaty skin, and who’d prefer a minimally invasive treatment with little or no downtime.

What’s involved?

Micro Botox is different from Botox in that the drug is administered in a diluted form in multiple areas, injected more shallowly into the skin to affect structures like the sweat and oil glands rather than the muscles. When used on deep-set lines, it improves the look of the outer layer of the skin, while still allowing deeper parts of the muscle to function normally so you don’t end up with the dreaded “frozen” look. There may be some redness and mild swelling in the injected areas, but this subsides within 24 to 48 hours. The results typically last three to six months, so if you’d like to continue the effects, you’d need to book in for repeat sessions.

Try it at:

Aesthetics & Reconstructive Centre
3 Mount Elizabeth, #13-08
6733 3712 | andrewkhoo.com

Botox – ARC Beauty Clinic

Perfect for: Frown lines, crow’s feet, droopy brow and prominent chin creases

Botox works by relaxing certain facial muscles so as to lessen the look of wrinkles and smoothen the skin. Expertly administered, it will allow you you produce normal facial expressions such as smiling and frowning, but without wrinkles. Dramatically softened facial wrinkles and expression lines will make you look younger. It can also lift the eyebrows and open up the eyes for a more youthful, revitalised appearance.

What’s involved?

A standard Botox treatment takes about ten minutes to administer, depending on the size of the area treated, and there’s no need for a recovery period. It’s simple, quick and effective, and the injections are nothing worse than a small stinging sensation. Results become most visible five to seven days after the injection. One great advantage of Botox injections is that the effect is temporary, lasting for four to six months, so if you like the results you can repeat the treatment as and when you wish. Clinical studies show that the duration of the effect tends to increases over time, so you may require less frequent injections in future to maintain the result. Common side effects include tenderness or bruising at the injection site, and temporary weakness in nearby muscles.

Try it at:

ARC Beauty Clinic
Jalan Sunset Road No. 819, Kuta, Bali
+62 361 754645 | arcclinics.com

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