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CoolSculpting fat reduction – tried and tested!

There are different stages when it comes to losing fat; it’s difficult enough to lose weight overall, but it can be harder or even impossible to lose your personal ‘bad bits’. Some people battle a triple chin, saddlebags or love handles. I’ve always struggled to slim-line my stomach. Even before having my two children, my middle was my Achilles Heel. Plus, I’ve put on ten kilograms over the past ten years, so the whole area has been feeling even bigger lately, and affecting the style of clothes I can wear. Trying on clothes under those unflattering bright shop lights really doesn’t help! For years I’ve tried regular running, a personal trainer and yoga, yet still the bump stayed, even when I lost weight. In the end, I decided to take a short cut and try to freeze my fat away with CoolSculpting. The result was nothing short of breathtaking – literally!

CoolScultping, fat reduction
Freeze the fat away

What is CoolSculpting?
CoolSculpting is a non-invasive fat reduction procedure that may reduce fat by freezing fat cells. All the American videos on CoolSculpting  say that it doesn’t hurt, but when I visited Cutis Medical Laser Clinics for my treatment, Dr Sylvia Ramirez was honest and told me that it would. It varies for everyone, depending on your pain threshold. An elderly (over 80) female patient of hers loves it and handles it really well, but she treated a male patient who nearly passed out from the pain. Areas such as under the arms are particularly sensitive, but the stomach can also be painful, depending on how much fat is squeezed!

CoolScultping, fat reduction
Get a grip with CoolScultping


The Process
First, you’re marked and measured to determine what size ‘grip’ will be the best fit. I managed to qualify for the larger ‘vice-like’ grip for the top section of my stomach, whereas two smaller ones were used for the area below my belly button. The larger grip is definitely more painful.

Covered by a sheet, the area is suctioned between the two cooling plates of the applicator. The initial amount of fat taken in was large and it felt like the device had gripped onto part of my intestines – very uncomfortable. The next three suctions were not like this, however, and the smaller ones weren’t painful during the procedure.

After an hour the applicator is removed, leaving the compacted fat looking like a piece of frozen steak, but it’s not sore. However, the ‘kneading massage’ to help break down the solid block afterwards was not nice… my eyes were watering!

I was initially confident that I had gone through the procedure quite well and I sauntered out of the clinic. However, the pain and discomfort slowly built up, and for a couple of nights I was beside myself, wondering what I had done. The fat cells that are frozen during the process gradually die and leave the body through normal elimination, so there can be some difference in your bodily functions for a couple of days too.

CoolScultping, fat reduction
CoolScultping – offering a non-invasive fat reduction procedure

Like childbirth, you do forget about the pain and discomfort once you see the results of your hard labour. And obviously it’s a one-off procedure, rather than doing daily sit-ups (which I am rubbish at) or boot camps, which I’m not convinced would have got rid of the layer anyway. Am I glad I went through the process? No! Now I have seen the results would I ever do it again? Probably!

Add TriLipo
With Cutis they also include a TriLipo session with their CoolSculpt package – this also helps break down fats as the thermal heat (radio frequency) accelerates fat metabolism. It also and very importantly helps tone, lessen the cellulite effect and tighten the skin by impacting collagen. It’s all very well getting rid of fat but we don’t want any loose skin afterwards! This is luckily a relaxing procedure, with no pain and it’s a real walk in walk out treatment you can have in your lunch hour.

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