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Freeze fat faster, more effectively & with less pain!

At Expat Living we’re always wanting to lose belly fat (it might be something to do with all the cake we eat!) and we’re definitely fans of CoolSculpting.  A couple of us have tried and tested this fat reduction treatment in the past and never looked back, however it was always quite uncomfortable sitting there for a couple of hours. If you have several areas you want to work on, it meant you could be ‘plugged in’ for quite a few hours. Thankfully, there’s now a quicker way to do it.

belly fat reduction
Trying to get rid of that stubborn paunch that won’t go?

Now the upgraded version, CoolAdvantage, is out. It works at a lowered temperature so that treatment times are reduced from 60 minutes to just 35. The applicator cup has also changed shape and been redesigned so that it’s in closer contact with the skin (and therefore the fat). Overall it’s faster, more comfortable and more efficient.

But that’s only half of the story. Dr Yvonne Goh has two of these machines, so not only are you halving the time of the procedure, but you can do two treatment areas at once. For example your thighs can be done at the same time as your tummy. So instead of CoolSculpting we are calling it Dualsculpting!

Lose fat
DualSculpting = CoolSculpting x2 at the same time!

They’re hot off the press and hers is one of the first clinics in Singapore to have one let alone two. If you’re not going away for a long holiday use the time to get your body looking good – it doesn’t matter if you’re a man or a woman there are always a few areas where it’s hard to budge the bulge.

Whether it’s to lie on one of those sun beds at Tanjong Beach Club and feel a bit more comfortable in your swimmers, or just feel and look better in certain clothes, this fat reduction process doesn’t take long to take effect even though it continues working for a few months. And now, it doesn’t take too long for the actual procedure too. You may need a couple of sessions, but at least each one can be squeezed in to a lunch time, or a child’s nap time if necessary.

Dr Yvonne also has different applicators for various parts of the body, from double chins to the fleshy bits above the bra strap. Come in and let her suggest priority areas to target first.

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double chin fat reduction
Lose the double chin