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Cooking parties at The Pantry

Cooking Parties

At The Pantry, the kitchen is always buzzing with children chatting about food, what they like to eat and what they cook at home. Cooking parties are perfect for those who are turning six years or older. Cupcakes are a favourite, and the two-and-a-half-hour lesson is fully hands-on.

Everyone makes their own creations, and while the cakes are baking in the oven, the students get down to writing out the recipe and designing their own boxes. Best of all, each child gets to take about a dozen cupcakes home. The class costs $800 and is for up to 10 students.

Practical skills are high on the agenda

For older children, or for returning birthday students who have already had a cupcake party, there’s a lesson on cooking a three-course meal. The birthday child meets with the chef, and together they design the menu. During the lesson they work as a team to create the dishes and then they sit outside on the deck to enjoy the fruits of their labour.

Casual Parties

For younger children, The Pantry is a great venue for a casual party, and you’ll see balloons up at Loewen Gardens most weekends. Each party is tailored to the family’s particular needs, and The Pantry prides itself on working to make the party a fun and enjoyable occasion that’s hassle-free for Mum and Dad.

No two parties are the same; the menu is designed with your budget and food preferences in mind, together with your ideas on the format for the party.

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