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Contemporary fashion with a vintage twist

In this age of fast fashion and mass produced everything, we’re always happy to come across unique, one-of-a-kind pieces that really stand out from the crowd. What we wear says a lot about who we are and our clothes are a reflection of our own personal ethos, which is why when we come across something super stylish that really speaks to us, it’s oh-so-hard to say no!


DGA Threads is a new fashion brand by Italian art collector Giuseppe De Giosa. A former banker, De Giosa has lived in Singapore, Hong Kong and India since the early 90s. During that time, he has amassed a mesmerising collection of Asian art and curios that he exhibits at his gallery, Degiosart, on Tiong Bahru’s Eng Hoon Street.

This latest venture into the world of fashion was inspired by the idea of staying mindful of the here and now whilst also keeping a piece of the past with us. It’s an admirable philosophy that will resonate with anyone tired of the modern trend for throwaway fashion, plus it translates into some gorgeous gear. Chic and unique, DGA Threads repurposes vintage Japanese textiles from De Giosa’s collection, turning beautiful silk garments like Japanese haori and kimonos into contemporary, wearable pieces for everyday life.

fashion, art gallery
DGA Threads re-engineers elegant Japanese fabrics into edgy, everyday wear for women


From evening bags to elegant shawls, silk blouses and kimono-inspired jackets, every piece is lovingly hand-crafted right here in Singapore. We particularly like the Mobius scarf collection ($280). With no two pieces exactly alike, this is an easy way to add a little Japanese-inspired edge to your look. Based on the concept of the Mobius Strip (a spiritually significant symbol of balance and union), this soft, twisted shawl is super versatile and can be used all year round to keep away the AC chill.

fashion, art gallery
Add a dash of vintage Japanese style to your wardrobe with the versatile Mobius scarf


Tucked away behind Degiosart gallery, a visit to the DGA Threads atelier also comes with the added bonus of a walk through De Giosa’s exhibition of rarities from Japan, Tibet, Myanmar, Vietnam, India and China to name but a few. Affectionately known as Mr “Pino”, (a short form of Guiseppe commonly used in his native Southern Italy), De Giosa welcomes regular clients, art collectors and curious visitors alike, and is always ready with an anecdote about the meaning or origin of each piece.

Head over to DGA Threads at Degiosart on Saturday 29 October from 5-9pm for the brand launch party and they’ll treat you to drinks, nibbles and 10 percent off the new collection (RSVP required).

If you can’t make it over to Tiong Bahru, you can browse and order online with free delivery on the first order for Expat Living readers. So grab a pen and make sure you don’t miss out! Simply enter this code: XLVIP16 when checking out.

DGA Threads
Block 57, #01-82 Eng Hoon Street
Open daily from 11am to 7pm
9698 6038 | dgathreads.com

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