Beautiful Chinese Cabinet!

Beautiful Chinese Cabinet for sale $ 1500

This piece has brightened up my life for almost 20 years now, from China to USA to Korea to Singapore. It is beautiful, useful and goes with anything! The toughest thing for me will be to let it go, but my new minimalist style and future anticipated (very small!) flat require me to change my ways.

I bought this wonderful cabinet in my old home of Shanghai in 1999. It was valued at 2000SGD by an antiquities expert in 2006 when I lived in Korea. Not only is it a gorgeous piece of art, this cabinet is also practical. There is one open shelf at top, three shelves behind the two doors, and three drawers at the bottom. I have used it to store many beloved artworks, figurines, and knickknacks. Dimensions: 190cm high, 122cm wide, 45cm beep. I do not know the age of the cabinet or the type of wood. There is some mild cracking in the wood on side due to age and dry conditions in previous countries.

I am most interested in a buyer who would highly appreciate this exquisite piece of furniture and take care of it well.

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